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FYI - Jay Peak Group Deals..

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My old East Coast ski bud went up to Jay this weekend and apparently they must be hurting for biz this winter - he found out about some great deals...not many specifics but here's his quote...

"I think they're really hurting for business this year. There were about 10 busloads of kids at the mountain and I heard they gave them a sweet deal on tickets. I also talked to a guy from PA that came up with 11 of his friends. They gave them slopeside lodging and lift tickets for 3 days for $160 each. Pretty amazing."

Just call them up @ 1-800-451-4449 and I'm sure they'll work with you....and they're getting pounded this week!!
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how large does this group have to be?
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No idea...give them a call and work on 'em a bit...reference the deal the PA guy got just this past weekend. The guy from PA was in a party of 12...they probably shared a big condo...

Good luck!
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