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random post-Utah trip thoughts

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Locals doubtless hate it but the new Collins lift at Alta is the best thing to happen for us tourists.

Snowbasin is one hour from PC if you drive anywhere close to the speed limit – which is advisable given the speedtraps. The bald eagles along the way make up for it.

But what is with those chandeliers?

North Face at the Canyons is my new fave – steep and great snow. And no Sidewinder!

Nick’s in Kimball Junction is an excellent Greek restaurant. Who’da thunk it?

Dinner for four at El Chubasco (with beer): $35.

Whole Foods is expensive. I’ll stick to Dan’s.

Various discount tickets advertised in these forums (Costco, Canyons ski shop) saved me $236. Thanks!

If Enterprise considers a Dodge Stratus to be a “full-size” car then I am Yao Ming.

Why do people who never leave PC rent 4WDs?

Having friends who live in SLC is great, because they do cool stuff like take you on a hike up DV for moonlight skiing.

My 15 yo daughter out-skis me. I am not sure whether to be happy or bummed.

Utah is the only place where you wake up and say: “Damn. Its sunny.”
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Sounds like an interesting ski trip. But I'm curious, what coupons can be had at costco?
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They used to have more (I guess they have limited numbers) but here is the link:

http://www.costco.com/Common/Categor...11 1*&Browse=
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thanks I may use some.
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