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PSIA W LIII Exam format.

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After talking to Ted Pitcher, I thought I'd post some thoughts on our new Exam format.

The new format for the LIII Alpine exam is as follows.

There is a 3 day Skiing module that is clinic and exam combined.

The way it works is you ski with an examiner for 3 days. It's like an intense 18 hours of Coaching. The examiner is basicly a coach and pushing you hard. Going through all the tasks and skiing movements. Watching you ski, giving you tips, correcting problems, fixing equipment and alignment if needed if they can. The only time they are really looking for the exam portion is the last day. There is no scoring in the typical sense of our previous exams. Just a pass/fail. A detailed comments sheet is given to each of the candidates indicating if they have a green light to go on to the tech and teaching portion. The comment sheet will also have information on what the candidate is working on, where their skills need work, Tasks and exercises to help get them there etc. This will allow the candidate improve their own skiing and help them map out a training regiment for the future. There is no "teaching or MA'"
being done in this module so you are not cluttered or distracted with shifting gears or mind sets. You just ski and ski and ski...

I'm looking forward to actually experiencing the new format. It sounds like a much better learning experience and a more relaxed exam process. Ted said he liked the fact that they could coach the candidates rather than just judge them. The pass rate did not change much "percentage wise" but the candidates leaving the exam were mentioning that if they came to see "where they were" They now know. It was not a pressure situation where they have to "perform" but rather they were just learning. You don't go away "crushed" by a failure. Rather you go away from the skiing module with real information that you can apply to your skiing and learning.

After you get the green light to continue there is a written exam which now includes a short essay. Not just a multiple choice test.

Then there is a 2 day on the snow teaching exam. I assume this has not changed much from last season. If so, You are given a "student" to evaluate, do a profile and movement analysis. Then you give your examiner your summary and go teach it. Demos, teaching, class handling, understanding and fun are all evaluated.

Then you would do a Hypothetical teaching where you would be given a description of a student/problem and you would teach that situation. Maybe on the snow, maybe just with descriptions of what you would do.

I'm guessing you are evaluated by 2 different examiners on 2 different days.

The beauty of this part now is you would not have to keep switching hats from skiing to teaching..

Anyone go to Ed Core last fall or take the exam so far this season? Can you confirm or correct any of this?



There is some talk about expanding this format into the LII in the future.
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I wondered if they stole that from the Canadians? The CSIA people always refer to it as "going on course", they teach you & then test you. I think its a great idea, more of an onus on the clinician/examiner to help you pass rather than leave you in a quandry. Is this what he's looking for? Did I do okay?

In the NW its a 1 day teaching/technical & 1 day skiing module. You can take it separately.
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