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Banff conditions and advice

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I fly out to banff on the 7th, any idea what the long term snow forecast is going to be like? (gonna be there a while) How are the ski hills at the moment? Are the conditions likley to be significantly better at KH than SS or LL?

thanks for your help
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no snow in a long time,, and nothing major in the forecast,, ,, some of lake louise turned to slush on sunday,, some was still hard snow,, also saw everything in between,, still it was amazingly sunny and i had a blast.. anything can happen in a week,,..
pray for snow........
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Its tough to tell that far ahead, just because it always seems like the weather does what it wants too. There are a bunch of good websites out there that can help with weather and conditions. Skipressmag.com is just one example.

Have a good trip!
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At this point I couldn't see KH being any better and my suspicion is it is significantly worse than LL or SV. Haven't been to Sunshine in a while but it may be faring a bit better especially in terms of intermediate terrain. LL has been great but as noted above Sunday did some damage and it was pretty damn warm way up today as well. Here's hoping.
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Today's weather shows warm temps and sun through the weekend. Mind you there are clouds out there this morning for the first morning in nearly 2 weeks.
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L7 ...(or others)

Based on what you see now ..or past knowledge in general ..how should things stack up for mid April.... we will be there the 16th thru the 23rd of April

Ski mostly blues and easier blacks....

any input would be great....


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in theory the snowpack should still be growing late april,, so you could hit good winter snow,, or spring skiing,, it all depends,, the snowpack this year seems pretty good and really stuck to the ground so,, if we get a few more dumps things should be gr8 ,, lake louise is open till first or second week of may ,, sunshine stays open until may 20- 25 or so ,often with good coverage too,,, thats still a long ways away so anything can happen thats for sure,, and with the weather this year who knows whats gonna happen,,,
<---crossing fingers for snow now
From the sunshine website : http://www.skibanff.com/news/058.html
Sunshine’s Incredible Spring Pass Sale

The Sunshine Village spring pass sale is back for another season and this year’s spring pass is better than ever.

This year’s spring pass is valid for unlimited skiing and riding from March 21st, 2005 until the Slush Cup closing weekend on Monday, May 23rd, 2005. That’s 64 days of Rocky Mountain enjoyment!

Spring passes can be purchased for just:
Adult $279, Family $649, Midweek and Senior $222, Youths $197 and Children $93. (gst extra)
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On the personal prediction side (based on significant experience) this has been the winter that wouldn't begin and will become the winter that won't end. I still hold that we'll be desparate for some nice weather and it will just keep snowing through April and maybe May. It's worked that way every other dry winter I've seen here.
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I'm with L7 on the prediction , just kinda have that feeling . I do have to say one of the best powder days I have ever skied at Sunshine was on the 17 of April about 5 yrs ago.
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snow pack at SSV is the biggest on the first week of may. Lots of good winter snow on N slopes right till the end. rest might be spring mush, might be winter??
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Trip Report March 4 Sunshine

The snowpack is holding up pretty well, but it has been a long time since there was a big dump at Sunshine and it is starting to show. Several of the runs on Goat's Eye are now classed as marginal and rocks are starting to reemerge on some of the steep South facing slopes.

The groomed runs on Divide were all in good shape, as were the runs I sampled on Standish and WaWa. The blues and easy blacks on Goat's Eye were also in pretty good nick. Ski-out is still open but there is a lot of ice along the way which made for some interesting dodging during rush hour at 4:00. Well worth the commute from Calgary.

I know there are some of you out there still believing in the massive Spring dumps to come, but at this point I'd be reluctant to wait. Go out and ski every moment that you can, because my guess is a short season this year (of course in the PNW I guess the season is already over for some folks).
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Phil, I live in Sayville (Collins Ave.). We just got back from Big Mtn., Montana and I spoke to some guys from Calgary about LL and SV. SV is the better bet. The entire NW is having an off year it seems. Rich R.
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I am heading up to Banff on March 24th. Is it worth it to go Heliskiing over Easter weekend or is there just not enough snow and it would be a waste of $$ this season?
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There was a trace of snow on the ground in Banff this morning for the first time in weeks. Low cloud for the first time in a couple of weeks too. The weather is changing, the snow is a- comin'.
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