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modern skiing and ice.

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hey guys,

i recently took a lesson where the instructor taught modern ski technique on shaped skis.

prior to this, i have been a fairly traditional skier mainly most my weight on the outside ski.

now i got my long radius and medium radius turns pretty decent. my skiing definite improved using this new style...better balance...quiet upper body..less tired at the end of the day.

my only issue... is when i am doing short radius turns on ice... using my traditional one foot technique... i had really no problems... i just edge hard, get a decent angle with knee... and my ski will hold.

when i try to do it using the new style...some weight on the inside foot... my skis tend to brake from under me...and they just skid away...

to me it seems one foot is better than too feet on ice?

u guys have any tips to prevent this? also are u suppose to keep ur feet shoulder width apart in short radius turns? thats what the instructors said just wondering what u guys think?
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One of the main things u should focus on is edgeing then steering this lets the ski literally cuts though ice. Also i believe that the weight(pressure) should be more outside dominate than in other conditions, i could be wrong maybe some instrutor with more experince will chime in.

A good drill to do is focus on edging the skis very early(at the start) in the turn aggresive on moderate terrain the main purpose of this is that you have edge hole not just near the turn completion, but thoughout the entire the turn. The secondy purpose is that the ski will flex more evenly though out the turn making you short raduis turn alittle more dynamic with less skidding.
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Here's a link to a previous discussion on the topic of skiing icey coditions.
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I also started on traditional skis for a number of years and suffered when I tried to use shaped skis on ice at first.

I will try to explain how I overcame the problem with an insight as to why - though the experts may tell me I have this all wrong!

Ice is about patience and very smooth edge transitions. effectively so long as you don't mind the speed a long smooth carved turn works best. With a shaped ski (for the same actual turn radius at a given speed) less edging is required so the sensitivety to edge changes is greater.

Therefore at first on ice after a move to carved skis you tend to over respond. This can also make it more likely that you lock-out your outside ski (ie straighter leg) and bank the turn with less angulation. When banking especially with a locked out outside edge you are less flexible (because the waist is more flexible (fore/aft) than (left/ right).

Inflexibility on ice leads to tension and even chatter of the skis (ie loss of edge traction)

So my solution is to be even more patient and gentle with carvers on ice and allow the ski, rather than a heavy edge set to do the work - it just takes time and confidence to happen - As the turn tightens up the carvers set edge almost for you

In a similar vein - I still like a straighter ski in moguls, because they are more forgiving of over edging (they dont through you over the front of the skis as the tips swing under in front of you so much) - hmm therefore the stance being centred fore/aft vs. against the shins is also relevant

Hope this is at least partially correct and helpful
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