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first tracks Steamboat??

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I am heading to Steamboat Thursday. Weather forecast is for only fresh snow on Friday. I am not familiar with the mountain. What runs would someone suggest we head to first? We like it Steep and Deep maybe some glade! If I remember right sundown gets crowded quickly and Storm peak lift lines stay more reasonable! Also any suggestions on dining on the Hill and in town would be great! Thanks!
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To get first tracks on a powder day remember that the Gondola opens at 8:30 and most of the rest of the lifts open at 9:00. I would avoid Sundown as that is where most intermediates head (that is not to say that there isn't some great terrain and tree skiing, i.e. beside Priest Creek liftline) If you load up early, and ski down to Storm Peak lift you will have to wait in line for 10-15 min. and the line gets long. So what I like to do is take Four Points lift up which usually means first tracks back down to either Storm peak or Pony Express. By the time you get down to these lifts, the lines are gone.

There is some nice tree skiing on Pony Express (really there is great tree skiing all over the mountain).
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Go straight for the hike to stuff. The chutes are pretty decent and even further back, Christmas tree bowl I believe gets even less action.
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If you like hucking there are a couple 20' drops off of some rocks off of N. St Pat's too.
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Here's my routine, i'm gonna be there Friday also, if it's good pow I'll get off the Gondola and hit White Out. It's a real nice pitched bump run and has the best bumps there. After you gather your self together, keep going down to the Storm Peak Express. Get off to the left and hike about a hundred yards up to the Weather tower. Jump in to the left to Christmas Tree Chutes. Be careful there's some nice drops there. After that slide to the right to the Pony Express lift for some more untracked. I'm not gonna tell you any more cause the rest is mine. If it's a powder day, I'll be on the first few cars up. See you there.
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How far of a hike is it from the top of the Morningside lift to access christmas tree bowl/north st pats, ect.

We will be there March 5-12.


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To Christmas Tree Bowl, no hike... just ski about 20 yds to the right. To North St. Pats, East Face, No Name Chutes, etc... the hike takes all of 2 minutes.

As for First Tracks, Lars has the right idea. If you're a bump fan, White Out can be a phenomenal first run on good powder days. However, if the snow falls like we're all praying it will, any and every run is worthwhile and there's never a need to question your choices.
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Liveandlearn, I'll be in Steamboat Thursday night. Skiing Fridaymorn if you want to hook up I'm staying at the Nordic. Call
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