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your opinion please

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i like to ski free ride and free style for the most part and im deciding what skis to get, i have got 4 pairs in mind..which ones do you think i should get??
Dyanstar SkiCross 10
Volkl G3
Fischer Big Stix 69
or Rossiganol Bandit XX ???

and any other suggestions would be greatly apperciated!

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We could use a little more information here, like your weight and height. Freeride and freestyle can be contrasting terms so an explanation there also helps. Of course, taking a demo ride on your list is the best way. to really get the answer, but I know that isn't always possible. My last suggestion is when you buy, buy from a retailer that guarantees satisfaction. REI is a national retailer that does and has stores in NY and online at rei.com.
Good Luck,
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i weigh 130 lbs, im 5-3, and most of my skiing is in bumbs, powder and going off jumps when the conditions are good and there is a camera around, i am goign to buy from a retailer and a salesmen suggested those to me so i said ill look into them adn ive been reseaching and what not, so your advice would be great
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I ski on the G30 and did demo the Vertigo Motions and the Bandit XX at the 2003 preshow in Feb. The G3 is better turning ski than the Bandit. I find the Rossis to just want to run and very slow to turn without a lot effort to decamber them. The G3 does well in the powder crud and on groomers, but you may find them a little firm in the bumps and jumping. I do ski them in bumps, but I really am not a very good bump skier.
I am not familiar with the other skis as I haven't riden them.
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The ski cross is way heavy if you're doing a lot of jumping. Last year's G3, to me isn't very damp (this year's might be a different story), so you're feet might not like it if you're landing jumps on icy landings often. One ski that might be good is the Atomic Beta Ride 9.22. I haven't tried them, but they're VERY light, have a decent width for powder (should be good for the east anyway), and I've heard they're decent in the bumps because they don't have as much sidecut as some other skis. You may want to look into this year's 1080's as well, they have a totally new construction, more width and much better torsional stiffness. Can't think of any others of the top of my head.
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My imput is that the g3 would probably not be your best bet if you like a damp ski for the reasons that are outlined above. Its not really a good bump ski either, more of a groomed ski that can go off trail as Peter Keelty puts it. I skied the old skicross 10 when it was called the autodrive ski cross and found it to be heavier and damper then the G3 and not as good in the powder because of its narrower waist but if you want a bump ski it really works well IMHO. If your looking for a powder ski that does well in the bumps and jumps why not look at a pipe and park ski like the Pocket Rocket, I've never skiied it but its gotten rave reviews from lots of different people.
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Stephen I take it That your are young. So why not look into some of the newer twin tip skis. The Salomon 1080 or something like That would be pretty well suited for all your skiing.Instead of the Rossi bandit XX think about the rossi RPM 17 or 21. The K2 Enamy is a highly rated all around twin tip but I feel The K2 might be better for softer snow conditions then what you might get in NY. I'm a big fan of Fischer skis and the new Fischer seceno's S500 and S400 You ski them shorter but it is an All mountain ski.They sound like they would be a lot of fun and Fischers are well known for there great edge hold on the hard pack. I guess I would say from all you have said My top three picks for you would be 1 The 1080 2 The Fischer Seceno and 3 The RPM 17
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the big stix 69 is more comparable to the bandit x in width than the xx. look to the big stix 74. the 69 might be a better bump ski but for powder and crud...74.
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