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demoing in Tahoe

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Hello all, seems like alot of people with good knowledge of Tahoe so I have a question for you. I will be going out to Tahoe(Kirkwood and Squaw, maybe a day at Heavenly) and am wondering how the demo centers are at these three resorts. I assume that squaw and Heavenly are good size but am wondering about Kirkwood. Any help is appreciated. I am heading out March.19 and thinking that my volkl p40 platinums will not be ideal for what I will be skiing out there. Thanks in Advance, Ryan
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Kirkwood demos

I've demoed out at Kirkwood and Sugar Bowl this year. Both are close to the snow, so you have quick turn-around. At Kirkwood, I've used the B2's a few times, when I had 5* but wanted to get off piste for the afternoon. This list is just from my memory, not definitive at all. I was looking for midfats when I went in.

volkl: 5&6*, EXP, 724 Pro, some fatties, gotama or explosives
Rossi: B2, B3 (maybe others too)
K2: apache, seth pistol,

They had some Line's but I don't remember which one, only a few atomics, no dynastars, I wanted to try the 8000 before I bought it, I tried the Sol. hots (didn't care for them) the also had the extra hots, the pocket rockets. They have some women models too. They have boots there but I had mine and did not pay attention to the rack. It's not the cheapest demos, but the service was good and at least midweek was easy in and out. Hope that helps.
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