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No problem with it, you just sound precious is all.
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Originally Posted by checkracer
Since a "z" between vocals is "tz" (also Mozart) and the stress is on the first syllable the pronunciation in German is "blitz..."
Okay, it is neither Blizz'ard, as in snowstorm, nor Blizzard' with accent on second syllable. That was common pronunciation in the 70's and sounds much cooler than plan old Blizzard. So it is Blitz'ard? Got to practice that as I have a pair of Titan 8.2's.

The word I have trouble with is Provelone. My local deli refuses to pronounce the last e. But the work is Italian, no? So it should be Provelon'ne, shouldn't it? LewBob
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Btw, Blizzard will finally have a "standard" owner (instead of the Salzburger Raiffeisenverband Bank) in April.
It´s a new company (IQ-Sport) where former Fischer manager Karl Hofstätter (future CEO) owns 1/3 and 2/3 belong to the Stöckl family of Austria.
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Well, I guess we cleared that up.

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