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Info needed on Head Monster i.M 70

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Hi guys,
I have a question some of you may have the
answer to. Last week-end I went to demo some skis.
They had a pair of Monster i.M 70 which I really
liked a lot. However, they come with a plate and
they seem to require Tyrolia bindings. This model
was yellow/orange in color. I visited the website
at www.head.com and the model of Monster i.M 70 is
white/gray in color and does not seem to have a plate.
Has any of you guys had a chance to try these skis
and tell me about the difference or the similarities
of what I think are two versions of the same ski?
I also wonder if that plate makes a lot of difference.
I need some corrections to flat my stance and the
model with plates would not allow me to do that. On
the other hand, they were among the best skis I have
ever had under my boots and I am almost willing to
put up with the lack of correction for my stance
(1 degree). Your suggestions and opinions are all welcome.

Thank you very much,


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I've never seen this ski in anything but the gray color scheme and yes they come with a Tyrolia plate. For info see Ski or Ski Canada magazine (Nov. issues). They both have tests on these skis.
Regarding the 1 degree stance deficiency; If I understand you properly, this can be corrected best by a custom footbed.
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My friend tried them she liked 'em but liked Stocklis better [img]smile.gif[/img]
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The Monster 70 is silver and black. I have seen a orange one in a big box sport store. This is probably what you saw. The bigger sport store chains get theit own branded skis in diferent colours and with slight model name changes. In fact Head is one of the worst I have seen this year for doing that. The problem is, you dont really know what you are getting. The Monster 70 is a great ski, I got a pair of this years model from our Head rep last year and used them at Sugarbush and Whistler. They were great in all conditions. Do yourself a favour and buy from a ski shop and get the real ones (silver)
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Thank you guys.
Around here there is only one shop that carries
skis by Head and they claim they are not aware that the
Head Monster i.M 70 are normally available (Head website)
in the white/gray and black colors. That does not tell
good things about the store but, unfortunately, it is one
of the historical sport stores in the area and it would
be unfair to say that they are not competent. Some of the
guys there truly are. I think that Head does not have
a seriuos presence in the US outside the big ski resorts.

However, the guy who is responsible for this
area of the US on account of Head, only had the orange/
saphron skis available during a local demo-day.

I called Head in Canada (in the USA they seem to think only
about tennis!) and I was told that it is the same ski as
the one on the website only different in color. Go figure!

Anyway, thank you all for your inputs.

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All the ones around here have the plate that requires the Tyrolia binding. many people around here would recommend a sole grind in order to correct the stance (and Cat Tracks for walking around in) - so that you would be able to use any ski/binding you wanted.
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I happened to ask the Head rep the same question the other day.
There are 2 versions of the iM 70, the orange one with the railflex plate and the silver ones without a plate. Otherwise the skis are identical. The railflex binding has much more forward lean than the other tyrolia bindings. The ski may bend a little easier with the railflex system but you would loose some precision and quickness compared to a binding system fixed at the toe.
I think the big box stores like the railflex (and salomon pilots) because there are no holes to mis-drill when mounting the bindings.

What length were the skis you tried and your weight/ability?

Flattening your stance do you mean laterally (canting)? or fore and aft (ramp angle)?

Did the silver iM 70s have the railflex plate or the Carveplate? The carveplate is silver and comes on the iSL and iRace. At least most of them of the iSLs there may be some available without it.

[ December 03, 2002, 06:34 PM: Message edited by: NordtheBarbarian ]
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Thank you NordtheBarbarian. You confirm what I suspected.

I tried the orange version in the 177cm lenght and it was
probably the railflex (black plate).

I am 6'2", 210. Ability (on a scale beginner, intermediate,
advanced and expert): advanced. Can ski blacks and double
blacks unless they are in powder or full of bumps. My
previous skis is/was a Volkl carver v31 energy (184cm) which
is great on groomed but does not work in powder or in moguls.
That is why I am going wider and try to lose some lenght.

About my stance. Actually what was done was to insert two
"plates" to put me slightly towards the outside edges for
I noticed that I have a hard time to fully engage the outside
edges when skiing or trying to ski parallel on relatively
serious steeper runs. Technically, my custom-made in-soles
(Harb Ski System) should take care of all problems. On dry-
land I seem now to be perfectly parallel bending in boots and
on skis. I will have to see on the snow.

I really felt at ease on that ski. Could not try it on power
or bumps for there were not any of either elements, but on
a relatively steep run (mixed packed ice and fresh snow) they
really felt great. Do you think that switching to the model
without railflex I would notice a lot of difference?
Also, would you go for the 177 or would you go up to 184
for the leght? I wanted to help myself in bumps or moguls..
These days people ski on average on skis much shorter than
mine and often moguls are really tight.

Thank you in advance if you had any inputs for me.

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Thank you to you too TooSteep. I will see what happens with
the stance. Maybe I would not need it anymore after the new
custom-made in-soles.

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You could go with either length. The trade off is a little more quickness with the shorter ski vs a little easier more fore/aft balance and stability with the longer ski. Just looked at your profile. Welch Village, go with the 177. It's probably better suited to that hill.
The cool thing about the railflex is that you can move the boot center position 1.5 cm back or forward. This can help you find your balance point on the ski. I don't like the amount of ramp angle (forward lean)the railflex system has. However that's my personal preference. The railflex binding only goes up to DIN 12, so that's another thing to consider. The silver version you can put any binding and plate (or riser) sytem on it.

Your canting situation. 1 degree is no big deal. Often 1 degree can be handled by tweaking the footbed and playing with the boot cuff adjustment.

Shops that do sole grinds are kind of a rarity in the US. In Canada were liability is different, it's easier to get that work done.
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Thank you again NordtheBarbarian.
My hill is not really my concern. For that I could ski
on 1960 skis. My problems start when I go out West or,
as I like to do, the Canadian Rockies. Out there my skis
do not feel right. I want to buy a tool I can enjoy out
there as well. The forward lean may not be bad for me,
actually. I will see if I will have a chance to demo
the ski without the railflex on both lenghts. But I am
really tempted even by the model with railflex. It really
felt right. I tried other skis that day: Rossi Bandit X,
Bandit XX, Volkl T50 5star... None was bad, although I
am not used to things like the XX and felt clumsy on
a very narrow run. But there was something about the
Head Monster that clicked with me.

Welch Village ain't bad. It is one of the
few places around here where you can keep in shape. One
run has a sustained (80-100 yards) pitch of 40 degrees or higher
depending on how much snow they make or receive. There
are a couple of short tree-runs too. A mogul
field on a decent slope. Granted it is not the Rockies or the
East, but that's where I am... right now, at least.

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