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175 or 185 volkl superspeeds?

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: Well folks I'm down to the wire now I have both a pair fo 175 and a pair of 182's tyed up at the shop now and I've got to decide without a demo or having skied anything shorter than my 194 k2 unlimited vo's[1985]. I'm 240lbs and ski very fast for 57, an aging expert, no bumps, just rip nonstop till 1pm and quit early. so 175 or 182?
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182, let em run!

I'm considering the 182 and I'm 5'10" 165lbs. At 240lbs you should go long.
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I disagree with 182, I am former psia and ski fast, really fast whenever conditions allow...just 8 years ago I was pro formed on olin dxs 205 prior to that olin rts 205 and several pairs of Rossignol 4s 203's and a pair or Rossignol 7g's 208's....I really liked long skiis, I was a short skis sxxx guy big time and a late convert to parabolic...my first shaped ski was volkl carver plus 191(ski of the year in 1997) with Salomon propulse bindings. I bought a used pair of k2 fours three years ago at 178 and never went back....the Carver plus are too long for anything but 40 mph plus cruising....I am now on a Volkl P40 Platinum 178 with Marker MRR bindings...I am 6' and weight 190....and the skis have no speed limit they are so good it is stupid, race ski performance but unlike the P40 race if I make a bad turn they don't kick me in the butt....I actually asked my tech this weekend what current Volkl model would most likely emulate the p40 platinum...he suggested either the 6 star or the superspeed, in a 175. I think the 182 would limit your ability to make the short turns you can make on the k2 vo unlmtds...in any case....you are in for a revelation....the motion system has a bit of rise like my MRR's so you can really roll em over.....enjoy! Take it from a short skis sxxx guy.....don't be afraid to go short....175 is not short for the superspeed, 182 would be for a former world cupper.....I am sure you could ski em and they would be better than the K2, but the 175 would make you smile more....
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Depends on what your "ski very fast" including the proportion of long(er) and short(er) turns is.
On groomers I found the Superspeed 175 cm a quite pleasant allrounder, at best in some medium radiuses, not a short turner but not a speed demon either.
I haven´t tested 182 cm but if you want to ski very fast indeed (and I can´t imagine a mortal skiing really short turns really very fast - again, if with "very fast" we both mean the same) and have conditions to do so this length should be more appropriate.
Btw, there was a discussion on Superspeed a few month back where I also posted the "demythization" of the Superspeed as a ski for unlimited speed and the fastest skiers on the planet - which is the image Volkl marketing people try to instill.
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