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World cup downhill

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on OLN right now, check it out! Spoiler, an american won in europe today! George Hincapie!
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downhill? Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne?
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The downhill was taped. They also showed superG. They won't show today's bike race. I guess that didn't make any sense. In world cup skiing today, canadian Emily Brydon got third in the combined behind winner Janica and Anja. Three americans were in top ten, Resi was second in the slalom portion behind Sarka. Rocca won the slalom, Bode fell, Raich was third and clinched the slalom title and Ted Ligety was 10th.

I think Bode can pull it off in the overall. 2DH, 2SG, 1GS, 1SL left to go! I think Maier will win the SG cup, Raich GS. I would love to see Grandi take the GS cup though. He's close!
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Originally Posted by telerod15
Resi was second in the slalom portion behind Sarka.
Yes, the two young ladies were awsome even if there might have been some tactics or advantage of start position involved.
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