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Telluride vs. Jackson Hole

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My family just returned from a week in Telluride and enjoyed it immensely. We are thinking about going to Jackson Hole the same time next year. We are all solid intermediate skiiers and snowboarders. We are capable of skiing groomed blacks w/out moguls.
Can anyone give me a feel for how the resorts compare to one another for our level? I want to make sure that our trail choices are not too limited at Jackson Hole.
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You'll be fine.
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Did you read my Telluride trip report? Did you find groomed blacks there?!
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If you find Jackson to much for you you could always drive over the pass to Grand Targee. Or take a lession or two and be able to ski more terrain. Someone here hada signature "You paid for the whole mountain might as well learn how to ski the whole mountain."
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I have skied each area two days, just so you know where I'm coming from. Before my trip to JH, I would have deemed myself a solid intermediate to advanced skier. Most of my skiing is at Mammoth(duh!) on groomed slopes with an occasional foray to the steeps in exceptional snow years(like this year!). JH will knock you down a peg, it will challenge you. They have double blue runs(groomed blacks any where else) which are great fun. But there will be at least a third of the mountain you probably won't be able to ski because of your abilities. Having skied only twice at JH, I would still put it in my top five of favorite mountains to ski(I've skied most of the big resorts of the West except Taos). You ski there, you will come back a better skier for it, guaranteed. Man, I want to go back there!
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I've been to both places twice each and say that you should be fine. I actually find Telluride to be the more challenging mountain of the two. Looking up at the mountain, the middle and right side of JH should be up to par with your ability in that there are quite a number of challenging blues. And last I remember, I don't recall the Hobacks being that swamped with moguls which means you should also be ok on the left side as well.

I also feel that you might get more out of JH than Telluride as far as the amount of terrain is concerned. It might take you a day to fully explore Telluride whereas it could take you at least 2 at JH.

And there's probably more to do in JH as a family than in Telluride.
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