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I am actually still at Jackson Hole as I write this. To give you some background.... I am a strong skier who loves the sport. I have skied since ten and I am 34. I basically majored in skiing at Green Mountain College in Vermont. I ski MRG the most but have skied most of Vermonts hills. Other western hills I have been to are Copper, Vail, Breck, Whistler, Squaw, Alpine, Bachelor, Hood-meadows. Our trip had lots of people and we rented a big condo. We had probably 20 total with various people popping in for a portion of the trip. The abilities of these folks vary from experts skiers and boarders to green boarders. Our group has done 3 trips like this one every two years Whistler in 2003 and Tahoe in 2001.

To start the condo we got was a pleasant suprise. Nice layout, lots of room, ski in ski out in Teton village. Sauna inside the place and hot tub and pool in walking distance

We showed up on tuesday night, the rest of the group showed up on sunday. It had snowed saturday and sunday. They said monday was the best day and I believe it. From that day on each day was identical. Bluebird days with a inversion with temps approaching 30 on the bottom and warmer up top. Anything facing north had good snow, south bad snow, allthough if you hit it right it might have softened up. I brought my daughter on this trip, she has just become an advanced skier this year at age 9 and right off the bat my friends were impressed with her skiing. First day was fun, we had a local with us and found lots of nice snow in the bivouac woods, and under the casper traverse. It was interesting me and my daughter were rd early so started with a warmup on Gros Venture of the gondola. A blue at JH, would have been a black at any eastern hill. It skied hard and fast. We spent most of our day skiing the sublette and thunder chair. I skied Tower Chute 3 with my buddy and the local and the snow was good and it was lots of fun After lunch we did Moran woods which was wet and our legs started to go, time for some beers under the tram

Day two we did some of the soft woods we liked and we took the tram up. The tram was great, nice view the line was short. Corbets was closed but looked insane. We skied rendezvous bowl which was nice and soft wet snow. That day I took my daughter down the expert chutes which she loved and did really well on. We ended the day on Apres Vous Hard Charging Mushy snow on the teewinot face which was fun.

Day three My daughter hit ski school. We hit Alta chutes which were interesting but thin. We did what turned out to be my favorite run Tensleep to expert chutes to paint brush. My daughter had a good morning but at lunch we got a call that she feinted on the tram which ended my day early. She was ok but was coming down with a combination of altitude sickness and some sort of bug. One couple that came was sick and by the end of the trip several other people got the bug my daughter among them. Some of the fair skiers this day tried to ski with us and promptly left after not being able to handle the terrain. My buddy who is a green snowboarder and improving road up the gondola and got abused by Gros Venture.

Day 4 I was not sure if my daughter could ski but we tried. Early on I could see she was not doing well. We bailed early but skied into our condo on Buffalo Bowl which was soft and amazing. Consistent pitch and neverending.
Day 5 is today and most people left and we are taking it easy my daughter is ill:/

I think Jackson is a great mountain for strong skiers. For solid intermediates it is ok of Apres Vous and Casper. For a adventurous beginner the mountain is too much. Allthough the beginners were thrilled with the 10 bunny hill tickets. We did not get snow but I still had lots of fun. Teton village is lacking in some areas causing us to head to Jackson a bunch of times. The crowds were not as bad as one might think with our longest que being maybe 10 minutes or so on thunder. In powder I cannot imagine a better mountain than Jackson Hole....