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Tyrolia LD12S

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I have been looking at new bindings and the shop I deal with suggested the Tyrolia LD12S. Price wise they are 119 and they were 200 last season. I suspect they are an excellent binding.
I am 215 pounds, 51, and not quite an expert, but alot more than an intermediate. What do you all think about them? Thanks.
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I've skied on Tyrolia bindings for 10+ years now and not because I get them for a good price, but because they are great: I've never had any problems with them, no matter how hard I fell.

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Me too. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by Vita-Man:
I am 6ft. 1. 215lbs Expert and have been using Tyr. bindings for 6 years now. Never had a problem. I have been using the TD-8 the predesessor to the LD 12s . You should have no problem with this binding. The price is great!
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Are these the RD12 Railflex or regular RD12s.

Either way its a good price and if your not taking them and they are the railflex I'd be interested.
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