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Crampons for Teleboots

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Hellp, I'm looking for a pair of crampons for teleboots, specifically Garmont triple G. Are their any brands that make specifically for teleboots, or is this a "make-it-fit" situation? I was also considering trying to fabricate a pair out of stainless or aluminum sheet as a last resort. Any thoughts?
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I don't have crampons yet for my Ener-G's but I think if I did get a pair it would be some Black Diamond Sabretooths.
These seem to be pretty adjustable and fit well over the duckbill of the boots and would probably do the trick for you.

I've also heard reports of a pair of Grivel G12's working pretty well...

As long as you aren't doing any technical ice climbing I think something like these two would serve pretty well.
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Sabretooths. I have not used them on tele boots (have not yet learned to tele), but they are reputed to fit the "duckbill" without problems. They are really great crampons; the only downside that I have been able to notice is that the little rubber point protectors won't fit them (because of the accessory front points), so you will need to get a case (BD makes one) to keep them from ripping your stuff to shreds.
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Grivel G12 - toe and heel leash - not the semi automatic - the toe bale will not fit over a tele boot toe. The G12 is by far the best adjustable general use crampon - just not for vertical ice.

Oh, ya, foget the anti-biott plate things - they just get in the way.
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Yup - go with the BD Sabretooths.
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saw a good idea for the Sabretooths antisnow balling plates

Take a plastic orange juice bottle and cut it to the dimensions of the crampon and tie them on with zipties...
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