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Originally Posted by skierzzzzzz
Personally, I think demo team members are much better technical skiers than world cup racers
I wonder if any demo team members or world cup skiers would agree with you. Would you rate yourself equal to demo team member, world cup racer, better than both or somewhere inbetween?
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I'd rate myself in skiing style equal to a demo team member without the knowledge to communicate how to teach, certainly not a world cup racer (but competent), I'm too old for that. Maybe 20 yrs. ago.

I'd much rather ski like a Shaun Smith than a Bode Miller.
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Next time I talk to Shawn, as in with a W, I'll let him know you think he is a good skier (which he is). I'll also tell him you mis-spelled his name.
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Would you also say hello to Mike Rogaine and Fee Fee Byrnes?
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This whole thread has got to be performance art. This can't be for real.
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yep, he's trolling. he got a bunch of us. Leave him be.
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Ya know, I think trolls are fun sometimes.

Z-man, could we set you up with some skis that have inside cants of 2 degrees and mount your bindings an inch back? Would love to see how you handled that handicap. If you could I would bow in appreciation. Somehow I think you would not be stylin' set up that way, but I have been wrong once or twice. LewBob
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I'll take the bait.

First off, Mike Rogan grew his hair back this year, and yes, he has a full head of hair.

Second, I personally think Mike is a better skier than Shawn, but not by much (probably just because Mike is younger and more athletic), and I have skied with both many times.

Third, Bud - Congrats on making your division team! And for making 2/3 of the National cuts. Highly impressive! Next time the nerves won't be there, so I suspect you'll fair a bit better.

Are WC or D-teamers better skiers? Probably neither. Just different. WC'ers are closer to one-trick-ponies (or 1 to 4 event ponies). Although some can rip other conditions, I think D-teamers are more versitile, but (obvioulsy) not as fast in a race course. However, I believe some have come from serious racing backgrounds.

Back to boots: Just like some people are born with natural ability or natural physical gifts, some are born with straight legs and "standard" feet. I fit into a Lange WC130 low fit by simply putting my footbeds in them, and getting a grind where I have a bunion. Other than that, I have been told by top-end boot fitters that I simply don't need any other adjustments for normal skiing. If I were going to race, I might cant them in or angle the cuff more, but for recreational skiing, I'm naturally aligned "out of the box". When my boots are new and the liners are fat, I can ski groomers without even buckling the boots (although I usually do buckle them or else my toes get slammed).
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Originally Posted by skierzzzzzz
Sorry, just really bored and trolling until tomorrow when I can ski again. :
Read the last line of the original post, trollin' away! I'm an admitted troller and need help. Cabin fever? Maybe!

I'm talking about Shawn back in he 80's when skis were still straight. He was one of the better one's. Great style. Mike's good but I thought he lacked dynamics, some kind of oomph was missing, but Shawn had that style that separated him from the others. There were a few like that.

Anyone remember Stu Campbell? That's what I mean by one of "them". Compared to others, Stu was left behind in the dust. Compare Stu and Shawn and you'll see what I mean.

Awh, I'm a tool. Like I said before, don't take me seriously.

Thanks for the comments, some have been pretty darn good, not mine though.
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Stu Campbell is a fantastic skiier and arguably the most skilled clinician/teacher I've ever had the honour of skiing with. The man is a master of his craft.
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I ski like the last guy in the video clip, but with feet slightly further apart and arms more relaxed, not so forced.

I'm not a fan of Stu's skiing. He never adapted when styles were changing. He always kept that flip the wrist, spill my beer pole plant.
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What rubbish!
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When is the last time you skied with Stu? I was with him recently and you couldn't be more wrong about the specifics you mention "pole plant", etc.

Funny, too, Stu is out skiing - not here bragging about his ski skills.

Thanks for the laughs.

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You're welcome. I just got off the mtn. myself. Absolutely beautiful.

When did Stu change his style? He was old in the '80's, he must be really old now.
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