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Head C140 for intermediate?

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Should I get my daughter these skis? She's an intermediate skier, likes to carve turns, and passes most people on the hill, but also skids turns when she's pressured. My delima is that I'm thinking she should probably be on something a little higher up, but she doesn't want me spending a lot of money on skis for her, and those RX6s haven't gone on sale yet (she's got her priorities all wrong ).

While we are on the topic, do you think after demoing the latest gear I (not she) would be happy with a left-over 2002 RC4 CS (sans railflexy thingy I think)? Or would I only regret no longer having an excuse to get some short-turning skis.

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This is good option , my older daughter ( 18 ) loves them and my younger one ( 15 ) is on C 120 . Good gear for intermediate to have fun .
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How about C160?

I've seen on one of the forums that C140 is a great ski, although it may be not enough for an intemediate skier who wants to progress... C160 might be a better option. I also found C150 available in some SportChek stores in Canada. I think this is a re-badged C140 with the difference being much more durable jacket.

Here's what I found on C140:

Cyber C140 Railflex II 170cm

1. SnowRental Opinion
Rapid intermediate cruisers, still with a lot of carve, but de-tuned flex and great ease of use for those blue and red runs. Relatively forgiving and great for learning how to carve and press on a ski, Nordica's SUV range covers the same ground, as do the Rossi Z1's or the new Streetracer's from Salomon.

2. Ski-Review Opinion

Written by Duncan Mills

Sunday, 25 April 2004

There is no doubt that this ski is the bargain of the decade. Glance at this ski and its price tag and you would be excused for thinking the Head C 140 is exactly what it (or its parent range) is being marketed as. An all mountain ski priced for an intermediate – just a ski a manufacturer has to put out to compete in the middle of the midrange. That’s false, a fallacy, a blatant lie.

Model: C 140 Railflex 2

Size(cm) / Radius(m): 142/? 149/? 156/? 163/? 170/15.3 177/?

Sidecut: 114/68/98

Length Tested: 170cm

Manufacturer's Description:

"The C 140 has a modern geometry with its 68mm width underfoot and is ready for every slope condition and turn radius. Thanks to the Full Carbon Jacket, this ski rides smoothly and holds on ice."

Ski-Review's Verdict:

For £300 or $530 US including bindings this ski performs as good if not better than skis priced at nearly double that. After skiing the C 140 and rechecking the price tag considering how the it performs you will view the price tag as an injustice.

Do NOT take the price or the rental look into consideration.

Short turns - no problem, plenty of grip, holds on ice, lots of feedback, confidence inspiring with end of turn kick. Medium turns – same. Long GS arcs – same. Piste wide arcs – same.

If you are the top end of a beginner or low to mid intermediate, these skis will take your ability level through a significant time span and help you to realise the things you should be experiencing while skiing. A ski which proves you do not need to buy above your ability and wallet to get years from them. I consider myself a good skier – ex racer but would happily ski this ski all day. It is even wide enough in the middle to allow float in powder. The C 140 is extraordinarily good all-round ski in all areas. Not slow in the deep stuff either.


I simply cannot fault this type of performance at this price tag. It does exactly what it says on the tin and then some. If you are anywhere around the intermediate plateau, try a pair of these – period.
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