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My skis were stolen and I do not know what to replace them with

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My Fischer Rx6's were stolen at the end of last month (should have bought a lock, but that is for another thread). I was able to "rent" a pair of last years Rx4's to finish out this season - my shop is throwing me a bone - very nice of them!

I am a significantly more improved skier then when I bought the Rx6's. I feel the Rx4's aren't for me, but I am not sure. I did not "see" a big difference in performance between the two, but that could be because I was underperforming when I had the 6's and overperforming (at least I think) the 4's due to my skill level at the times.

My big problem with the Rx4's are they begin to chatter when going too fast or turning on steep & icy terrain and they transition from carving a turn to skidding/stopping (and vise-versa) too often under the same hard-pack and icy conditions.

So what am I looking for? I am not crazy about speed. I like to go at what most would call a moderate speed for the slopes I ski. I like carving back and forth down the trails and playing on and around the small hills and dips found on the trails. I ski either the Catskill Mtns or the Birkshires 100% of the time. The conditions are always icy and/or hardpacked. I ski 90% on blues and 10 groomed blacks that are not crazy steep or full of moguls (knees).

I like the Fischers, don't get me wrong, I think I had the wrong sets at both times (for my skill level). My shop suggested the Fischer RC4's instead of the Rx series, but these being race skis may not be for me either. I am truly a middle-of-the-road intermediate with limited ski exposure to really make an informed decision about which ski. I will not buy before demo-ing (sp?) my next set, but I need to know what to demo. I am open to all brands and all suggestions.

Please give me advice - sorry for another "which ski to buy " post.

-Scott K.
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I worked as a pro rep for Fischer and now work for Nordica. First of all Fischer makes great skis.

I compared the RX4, 6, and 8 to cars. The RX4 being a base German sedan.....no power windows, a small engine, no turbo, etc. Just a solid basic vehicle. The RX8 or RX9 the flagship with all the power and all the bells and whistles. Leave the race products to.....the racers.

Nordica has two very similar skis to the RX6, RX8, and RX9 in the Speedmachines 12&14 or SUV12&14. The SM is a slightly narrower waisted ski with a slightly tighter turn radius. In both skis the "14" designation means a sheet of titanal which creates a more rigid ski and that helps on hard snow and provides a little more energy.

From what you have described and where you ski I would suggest an the SM14 if you were buying a Nordica product. The RX8 in the Fischer line is similar. If you want better hard ski performance stick with a wood core ski with a sheet of titanal.

Which ski do I prefer? Honestly the Nordica by a slight margin, however, they are both good skis.
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Thanks Rusty I appreciate it. I sent you a PM.

Come on folks, somebody else give me suggestions what to demo.

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In the Atomic line you could try these, M10, M11, MB5, SX.10, or one from the carve series, the c9, or C8. Later, Ricb. I'd suggest you start with the M10 or the C9. Later, RicB.
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Scott - sorry to hear about your skis. Where / how did this happen? Curious because I ski the same general range of areas and typically do not lock if I'm just going in for lunch, but will lock if I'm leaving a backup pair of skis for extended times.

Anyway to answer your question as best I can from a lay perspective - Atomic C:9 (or older 9:18) seems like a good default and very popular around Berkshires resorts for good reason. I have a similar ski - Dynastar Speed SX - from a few years back and it's a good all-around ski for all conditions and all terrain in our area except the rare powder / crud day. Feels similar to the 9:18 I demoed. I think Dynastar has newer "carving" skis (Omecarve series) that aim at the same performance spot. If you go one step down from the top number (i.e., Omecarve 9, not 10), you may like it.

When you demo, I'd err on the side of higher performance ski, not lower - you know you don't like the RX4, it's for a good reason ...
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I would bet the RX4s are too little ski for you. Could you demo a pair of RX6s again just to see if you now appreciate the ski given your change in ability? Some other considerations would be Volkl 4*, Elan Fusion S10, Head ic160--all good stable skis, not top tier, but very good skis. Maybe you should try some top tier skis "just to see": Fischer RX8/9, Volkl 5/6*, Elan S12/Pro, Head 1100 or IM75 chip(Head skis tend to be less energetic, but supremely calm and stable).
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Originally Posted by Kriscanski
We were at Butternut the weekend of January 22-23. Went to lunch in the lodge, checked my skis, snip -Scott K.
What does this mean "checked my skis"

If it means you looked at your skis while on the way to lunch---thats one thing.

If it means you handed them off to an area checkin---and got somthing like a ticket, key, whatever in exchange to identify you when you returned---then thats another thing.

my .02
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I had to switch off the computer in the office and on to my own computer. We were at Butternut. I checked to see if the skis were still there, not that I "checked" them with a ski check.

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Sorry about your skis being stolen. If you liked your Fischer RX 6's get another pair or move up a notch to the Fischer RX-8. The RX-8 has titanal where the RX-6 does not making it a stiffer ski. Both models have a wide performance range. In their category both skis are hard to beat.
On the other hand, the Fischer RX-4 was designed as an entry level ski with a different sidecut and flex pattern. It sounds like you've outgrown them.
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I know how you feel, I had my new atomic tweaks stolen saturday
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Scott that stinks about your skis getting lifted. Were they by the lower lodge or upper lodge? Not that I'm going to risk either place any more. But I doubt I'm going to get my 3 kids to lock theirs up too.

Anyway back to your question - some other skis I'd really want to demo if I were you are:

-- Volkl 4 or 5 star. Not the 6 star or Supersport but the entry or mid-level in this line.

-- Atomic SL9 or SX9. Yeah they're marketed as "slalom" or "cross" skis but you also can think of them as versatile carving skis. The hardcore race types are on SL11 or SX11; there are plenty of recreational skiers on the 9s. I have a friend who just took up skiing last season at age 42 - he got the SX9 at the end of last season when the atomic C9 was not available in his length, and he's really happy on it now. He considers himself an intermediate skier, prefers blues to blacks, but is perfectly comfortable on these on his preferred terrain. I'd try the SL9 too -- gotta be a reason half the instructors at Butternut are on these. I've skied a couple of similar short slalom skis and they have great edge grip in the "hardpack" (ice), they're pretty flexible and won't kill you like a true race ski, and you can choose to make the most of pretty short / flat runs in Berkshires / Catskills region by cranking out short fast turns.
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I was at the club house - where the ski shop and cafateria are located. I put my skis on the rack between the demo tent and the entrance to the club house. I always try to leave mine next to a nicer/better set of skis, but I guess theives are not discriminating.

It bums me out a bit, but it gives me a reason to buy Rx6's, Head ic160's, Atomic SX9's, Nordica SUV's, Elan S10's, etc....I already bought a lock


PS - I think I am going back this weekend, but my buddies want to go to Belleayre though, we'll see
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