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Advice on Stratton?

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My wife and I are heading to Stratton the week of 3/7. Looking for advice on the best way to navigate the mountain,places to eat,nitelife,etc.
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Stratton - ?'s

I'm not sure what type of skier you and the wife are... but here goes... if you are used to other VT areas ( Killington, Stowe, Jay ), Stratton skies about one level below most others... ie, a blue at Killington is a black at Stratton. So if your confident blues, go for the blacks. From the base looking up - the upper left side of the mountain offers some great black trails which arent over skied
and some fun woods. Same reference - the upper right side of the mountain offers lots of great wide open green cruisers. If you want to play in the glades, but haven't yet, there is a greeat little glade called "emerald forest" which I used to introduce my kids to tree skiing ( 2-3 trails below the top of the american express 6 person ). Grizzly's is a good afternoon stop for a drink ( if you can find a seat on the deck ) and offers some OK bar food. Regarding real dinner food... it's pretty average for a pretty high price. Mulberry Street is the best of the lot. The people there are also pretty friendly. Mulligans food is not even as good as your local diner at home, and you could grow cobwebs, and get attitude while waiting for a drink. Nightlife ???? Your goosed. but.. sometimes even some good time fun can be made to happen. Want nightlife? Go to Killington. Hope this helps. Want more info.. let me know.
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For Italian Food Mulberry Street is great. They have a New York theme going on. Mulligans is probably the best place in the Village for night life / food. If you so desire I advise the Long Trail Ale (brewed in VT) with a steak at Mulligans.

As for the skiing, Upper Standard is the wide center, fall line trail. Catch it with no one on it and it's unforgettable. Stop at the mid mountain lodge at the bottom of Upper Standard for a Chocolate chip muffin and hot chocolate and finish an epic run on lower Standard. Work your way west and enjoy excellent and scenic trails like Upper Spruce and Slalom glade. Spruce will take you out to World Cup. World Cup is a nice steep, bumped up in the center and probably the steepest on the Mountain. (look for lots of powder in this area as well) Cruise out on Old Log Road and take either the gondola or the six packs back up to the top. Speaking of lifts, they are excellent. They're fast move the crowds. On a clear day views are excellent. Look for nearby Bromley Mountain in the near horizon. You can see it from just about anywhere. Look for a really tall Mountain way in the distance. I thought it might be Mt. Washington but probably not.

For long cruising and scenic runs Follow Mike's way from the Summit and bear left for top to bottom cruising. The East side of the Mountain has some nice stuff as well. Polar Bear comes to mind. The mountain is full of glades. The only one I ventured in was Shred Wood forest. The trees are thick so I ventured right on out. If you go in prepare to make quick tight turns all the way down.

The village is nice. You can get a massage, eat, shop etc. Have your credit card ready. Enjoy your stay there. If your not looking to leap off cliffs but would like some challange this is your place. Personally I love it. Have fun.
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On the summit of Stratton there is a small place called Hubert Haus. They have a nice warm stove going and you can get some, limited food there. Great place to stop in on a cold or stormy day. Added bonus, the Appalachian Trail crosses the summit and they have some great maps on the wall in there.

Not the steepest, but a fun mountain with some nice long cruisers at a decent pitch. If you want to try boarding, you're in the cradle there.
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If you're staying off-mountain and have to drive up, park at the Sun Bowl. That tall mountain in the distance sure isn't Mt. Washington. Probably Killington.
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If you provide a little more detail about your skiing abilities/interests & what type of nightlife you're looking for, I can tailor my advice a bit better to your needs.
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We are both strong intermediates to advanced. We ski blues and blacks most of the time. Not much for bumps but love powder,long cruisers and hope to find some glade areas. We skied Killington last year and loved it. As far as nightlife we are into jazz or light rock. Also interested in the best steak in the area. Thanks for you're help.
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Stratton is like heaven. Go up and ski any trail you want because they are all the same. One trail has bumps, skiers left on gondola. There is on chair that has harder stuff. You can safely straight line it.

Stratton grooms well. It uses its snow making equipment and it gets more snow than many Vermont resorts, but it attracts the ilk of skiing. Everyone there seems to be an aristocrat or a member of the bourgeoisie. Now there are lots of folks in the East who ski and have excess money, but they have enough class to not strut it when they are in the mountains of Vermont. By the way you can use the valet parking if you prefer to park with the douche bags.
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Was gonna put in my $.02 about all you need for Stratton is limited skiing skills and an unlimited gold card, but Paul Jones said it better.
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No question that there is a lot of wealth at Stratton. The higher the prices go, the more popular it becomes.

Let me tell you two definite advantages at Stratton:

1. The snowmaking and grooming is sensational, and it is done on just about every non-bumped trail every night. Get out real early and enjoy the pleasure of cordouroy groomed trails.

2. It has the highest percentage of people who ski there that also own a home/condo there of any mountain in the country. That means they are committed skiers with families who typically go through years of the ski school. So you will see people who know what they are doing on the trails. You won't see many out of control yahoos. Go watch the kids in the J programs race. Some of them will be in the olympics in the future.

As far as nightlife, entertainment, etc., there's not a heck of a lot. This is really a family mountain. Nearby Manchester has a lot of good restaurants.
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Well, I was at Stratton today. Boot/knee deep almost everywhere on the mountain. The trees off to the skiers right of Kidderbrook had some very deep soft snow. Stratton has recently cut some new glade trails for all ability levels which can be a lot of fun. The mountain is fairly easy to navigate and the the trails are well marked...a map is all you will need. Granted it is not the steepest mountain in the East....but it can be a very enjoyable place to ski.....Especially, during the week.....The lifts are state of the art and very fast......What ever your skiing ability you will be able to log a lot of vertical.....As, for needing limited skiing skills...this maybe true on some of the wide open groomers...which are a nice place to develop skills....That being said, Stratton gave the other L3 instructor and Examiner I was skiing with plenty to smile about.....

Restaurants; on Mountain: Mulligans.....Off mountain; The Red Fox Inn,The Perfect Wife, Johnny Seasaws, Candellaros(Manchester;Mexican); ......Have fun
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What Shen said is true.

I skied Stratton after a nice storm, 12". The base was typical for Stratton - perfect. Banged out run after run and it was incredible. The lifts were great!

But Stratton remains offensive to me. When ever I go to Vermont and see the excesses, it's bad. "Don't Jersy Vt".

The Fox has provided evening fun for me. Look for Kerri, tall, 30ish. Tell her Buzz says hello.
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