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Advice? - Tahoe?

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OK... foul. I know. But now that I got you here, can I get an assist?

There was a thread called "Lake Tahoe - not as good as I thought" which made me realize how much great knowledge is available on this web site. This Sat ( Mar5th ) 4 of us east coaster 2 plankers are heading out to Tahoe for 10 days ( first 5 days = Heavenly and a day trip to Kirkwood - and - second 5 days = Squaw and a day trip to Alpine Meadows ). This is our first trip out west, yet we are all skiers with 15-20 years experience. In the east we ski blues to warm up, but mainly ski the blacks ( Killington, Stowe, Jay ). Bowl is only a photo to us.. so experiencing one ( or more of these - lets say easiest intro ones first ) is a high priority.

Beyond this I'll take any and all resort and trail advice you'll offer.
If I can help any of you with east coast info... I'd be glad to help. Our year is starting to really shape up.
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Panelman01, we spend a considerable time at Tahoe, I would suggest The Pub on Tahoe blvd for good blues and beer, about 2 blocks into Calif from the Nev state line. Look for a blues guitarist Tray Stone band. As far as lodging if you want a clean room cheap check out motel six. If you want the resort atmosphere there're all over the place, we don't stay there.
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Yeah, blow off 3-4 days of Heavenly

Hit Kirkwood for at least 2 days; hit Mt. Rose for a day; hit Alpine for 2 days.

Look hard at trail maps & talk to people when you're at the resorts, and don't be afraid to hike for 5-10 minutes to get the goods, because just skiing "runs" isn't the alpha/omega of skiing.

As for Squaw, read through the list of areas at Squaw described in the "Not as good..", ski them & report. You might find them steeper than intimated by our Canadian friend...
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Check out my trip report. It's now on page 2 of this forum. Heavenly was our least favorite, but not awful by any means!
Have fun!
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My own experience is from one 4 day trip this year, so take my opinions as just barely knowledgeable.

Squaw -- an absolute must -- loved it -- compared favorably to my "home" mountains of Whistler/Blackcomb.
Alpine Meadows -- I can't see two days...maybe one....of course the day I was there was so windy that the lift to the very top was closed so maybe I didn't really get the best stuff.
Northstar -- nice but little challenge amd it seemed crowded on the same weekend that Squaw was empty. Also a very weird parking arrangement with awkward access to the mountain.
Heavenly -- huge, fun but 4 days might be two too many.

Sugar Bowl -- I think I made a mistake by skiing Alpine instead that last day. I will try it on next trip.

Truckee food -- Piper's Patisserie on the main drag in town. Great atmosphere and really excellent food.

One other thought...with ten days, it sounds like you might have enough time to go to Mammoth for 2-3 days, which is not all that far from Tahoe. From the stories it is a not-to-be missed place.
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Unfortunately Vermont will have better conditions this coming weekend!! That was always my luck when I used to live back East and fly West...

Kirkwood, Squaw, Alpine, Rose & Sugar Bowl (in that order)...Heavenly mid-week only for two days MAX!!

PM me later in the week if you'd like and I'll give you the scoop on the weather & conditions out here...
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