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Im 190 long and about 200lbs. Im a ski instructor and I have been skiing for 35y. I spend about 50 days on skiis and do teaching and recreational skiing on same skiis on groomed slopes and off piste.

Just tested the CRX in the length of 172 and it felt very stable and rigid. I love the ski because its a challange. Could I go for the 164 length insted of the 172? I was thinking since its such a heavy and powerful ski that if I took one shorter length that the manoverability would improve and also the turning radius would shorten a bit. Or should I just buy the SL insted?

BTW, this is a great ski. Carves like a dream but is not bad in really short turns eather and skids well at slow speeds. Good for teaching demos etc. I can imagine that this ski would work well in powder and deep snow the old fashion way: skis way under only head showing.