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Whistler 3/5- 3/13 Should I go?

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I have a trip planned to Whistler March 5-13 and the conditions look extremely bad. Does anyone have any local knowledge or recommendations if I cancel the trip? Thanks for the advice.

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Comes down to two things:

1) How much are you on the hook for?
2) How badly do you want to ski, and do you have other options? (Sorry, I guess that's three things.)

FWIW, I just bought some skis today and the sales guy was up there last weekend. He said it was still pretty decent on the top halves of the mountains. According to Environment Canada, WB is supposed to get some snow early this week.

Bottom line, I wouldn't cancel if I was on the hook for a lot of $$$. If you do go, just get comfortable ahead of time with the fact that it's not going to look like the pictures in the brochure.

My $0.02.


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We were suppose to be in Whistler on the same dates as the OP. We cancelled last week, and are now going to Lake Tahoe. We lost one night room deposit at the Pan Pacific, and the fee to change our flights on Delta. We offered to rebook for next year with the Pan Pacific to avoid losing the one night (we still want to go to Whistler) but they refused.

We were in Whistler about 10 years ago when it had a previous low snow year. Downloading at the end of the day over the muddy bottom 1/3 of the mountain was sort of depressing as we had paid $$$$ to stay ski in/ski out.

Now we have kids, and we decided it would be a more fun family vacation to be where there is plenty of snow.
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NO! Don't go!

Friends of mine went to Whistler last week, and skied as high as possible on Blackcomb T-bar. One guy destroyed two demo skis with core shots, and another tore the edge out of his personal ski.

Both said they were skiing as carefully as possible, and making an effort to avoid rocks.

But, if there's no escape hatch (financially), bring your rock skis and enjoy the sun.
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I just got back tonight from a few days there. I enjoyed it because the weather was beautiful, and we had some nice runs here and there (only up top), and we were with a group of fun friends.

BUT, if it had been my only ski trip of the year, it would have sucked. I know that I can come back to Colorado and ski some good snow, but if you only have one week to ski, I would go elsewhere if it's financially possible. I don't know your situation, so it's hard to answer.
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Whistler conditions

Here you go - I am still encouraging anyone to look elsewhere...especially since there are some other great resorts, with terrific snow...

7Th Heaven - Yes - this is normally a busy run.

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The good news is that they're calling for snow Tuesday and Wednesday. The bad news is that they're calling for rain to the top on Thursday and Friday. Sounds like it could be a wash (no pun intended)
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How is it up at the Blackcomb glacier?

I've been going there for the last couple of years for a mogul camp in early July.. but with such a bad winter I wonder if they'll even have snow up there come July this year.

Someone told me that this year they were going to make snow at the Glacier (to still be able to do the camps in the summer even on bad snow years.. since the camps are a huge source of income to the resort). Does anyone know if that is true or false info? (about the snowmaking at the glacier)
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W/B report from 2/24

I skied W/B last Sunday through Thursday (2/24). I had 5 decent days of skiing, but it was so warm the last day, it turned into a bit of a slushpuppy. And as cold as it gets at night, this meant ice sheets in the morning that were softened-up usually by 10:30. If you don't mind doing moguls that are hard and icy in some parts, and then slushy in the afternoon, it's not so bad. They claim 85% of the mountain is open, but a lot of the black runs are closed, especially under the lifts where there is a lot of exposed dirt and rocks. The thing to do is rent so you don't ruin your own equipment - there are small rocks over a lot of the lower runs and I was beginning to see them higher up toward the end of my trip when it got in the 50's one day. I was glad last Thursday was my last day of skiing. I saw deterioration in the conditions and don't think it could be that good now without any new snow. There were still a lot of people in the village, so decent apres and nightlife. Much better conditions last week than during the rains of January. If you want powder and great conditions, don't go. But if you don't mind spring skiing / early season conditions that get a bit icy/slushy/rocky, then it's fine. Up in 7th Heaven on Blackcomb and in Harmony and Saddle on Whistler, there was pretty nice skiing. You almost convince yourself that the loose granular snow up there is powder. I didn't ski the Blackcomb glacier. At the end of my trip, it was marked as "marginal conditions" and had quite a narrow, rocky exit from what I heard. I almost canceled my trip, but I'm glad I went. But to be honest, it was deteriorating last week, that foot of snow lasted up until then. They need snow.
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Originally Posted by obersee
.... I didn't ski the Blackcomb glacier. At the end of my trip, it was marked as "marginal conditions" and had quite a narrow, rocky exit from what I heard. ....
The glacier definitely had the best snow of all. We skied it twice on Friday.
The signs were scarier than the run -- the exit was tricky, but nothing terrible. It was more interesting than skiing crusty groomers, IMO....
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Well it snowed last night and most of today so conditions are improving. Today was pretty good, the 5cm of new actually skied bigger. I managed to find fresh tracks right up until 2pm when my legs gave out (along with the light).

The new snow was pretty heavy and along with fairly high winds the result was a fairly dense base. This is a good thing when the new snow is on top of hardpack.
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