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Low volume ankle

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My foot measures 10 but has the volume of about a 9 or less. I tried Surefoot with a Lange 120 Comp and they just didn't fill in enough around the ankle and right ahead of the ankle. The shop redid with a smaller shell and got the same result. I experimented by duct taping a couple of hunks of truck tire inner tube rubber on top of the tongues right in the crook of the foot and that solved the problem until the stuff shifted as I knew it would. The ski shop wanted to apply the same solution with some rubber secured with contact cement but the edges of the liner that have to overlap the tongue would have snagged on the stuff every time I put them on or off so I took a refund and gave them back. Now, can anybody recommend a boot that would be good for a skinny ankle? I'm a fairly aggressive skier who prefers off piste, trees and steeps. I find myself in crud quite a bit and don't mind moguls if they're still fairly soft. I kept the Surefoot orthotics and I plan to use either Intuition liners or Zipfits.
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What boots have fit you in the past? I have similar problems and got foamed in a Lange. I still needed work-firm padding on the ouside, and had to put padding on the tongue, as you described. The Langes, especially LowFit, are very low volume. You might try them with one of the after market products for tightening the tongue area. I can't remember the name, but someone here will know. Good luck. LewBob
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Powderdog...Some of the Head race boots have a 95 width in the forefoot and also have a narrower heel pocket. Also, you might want to try a "plug" boot and have it worked by a competant bootfitter. Lastly, many boots that I have had the chance to "refit" from other shops for volume problems were solved by adding additional padding. Although I would rather not have to go this route, sometimes it is necessary. Fortunately, I can open the stitching of the boot liner and tongue and attach the padding internally. (I have the good fortune of owning the same stitching machinery that the boot manufacturers use so the end product looks OEM.) Any questions, give me a holler.
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Me again...LewBob is speaking of the "Eliminator" tongue pads distributed by Masterfit
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What is a "plug" boot? Does the "Eliminator" tongue pad cover the whole tongue? If it does, it won't help in my case because the forefoot and the shin part will keep it from snugging up in the crook of the foot right in front of the ankle; that's where I need it.
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Tognar.com carries two sizes. "Eliminator" tongue inserts.

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I too have the monkey foot syndrom. I'm in the Tecnica Icon XT, and it is pretty much of a low volume plug. It was discontinued this year, but you may be able to find a pair. I think it is the lowest volume boot I've tried outside of the old Nordica Dobbie from a couple years back., but it pinched the heel too much for me.

Size down and get out a dremmel tool to get any additional length required in the big toe area (can't really punch the toe box and have reliable binding operation). Even with a low volume boot, I still have some additional pads cemented on the outside of the liner. I hate having the pads, but this is the third season of pulling the liners after every ski day, and never once have the pads been an issue.
Zip Fit used to make some awesome liners that never packed out. They were heavy, and didn't breath very well, but I thought the performance was great, and they were comfortable. Unfortunately, I think they have totally changed the design.
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Atomic RaceTech or next season's production version RT-ti. The RT-ti has more instep and forefoot volume than the RaceTech.
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Zipfit that I bought about 6 years ago was the only liner that I ever had that fit but I'm told that they're not available in the US anymore. Unfortunately, I busted one of the boots last year and my repairs made with brass wire stitching and epoxy, ingenious as it was, is starting to fail.
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I had San Marcos and Zipfits neither of which is available anymore I guess. I busted one of the boots last year so, reluctantly, I'm in the market for new ones. I'm still using the busted ones but my repairs are starting to fail.
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Originally Posted by RIP
I too have the monkey foot syndrom. I'm in the Tecnica Icon XT, and it is pretty much of a low volume plug. It was discontinued this year, but you may be able to find a pair.
Al's Ski Barn has quite a few pairs from '02 and '03. See here.
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more on low-vol ankle

Interesting thread, would like to hear more.
There was a discussion of heel-instep measurement in http://www.skipressworld.com/us/en/magazine/2004/fall2004vol4no1/Prvw43.htm
also, anyone have experiece with the new generation of zipfit liners
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