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Maybe Atomic bindings do suck

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Of course Raich was first on Atomics, Herman second and Paulander third, all on Atomics....Bode will crash in his 8th straight slalom tomorrow and lose the world cup.

Benni Raich wins Kranjska Gora GS; Miller loses ski on second run
By Eugene Brcic, AP Writer
February 26, 2005
KRANJSKA GORA, Slovenia - Benjamin Raich led a 1-2 Austrian finish Saturday in a giant slalom and drew closer to overall World Cup leader Bode Miller, who lost a ski during the second run and slid off the course.

Raich was followed by Hermann Maier and Kalle Palander of Finland. Daron Rahlves of the United States was fifth.

"It's a big victory for me here," Raich said. "Bode went out, but you never hope the opposition will go out."

Miller lost a ski while in the lead at the first split of the final run, giving up valuable points in his bid to become the first American to win the overall title in 22 years. His lead over Raich has been cut to 91 points with seven races to go.

Raich covered the icy Podkoren course in a combined time of 2 minutes, 43.73 seconds. Maier, the reigning giant slalom world champion, was 0.45 seconds behind. Palander, the first-leg leader, was 0.79 seconds off the winning time.

Miller of Franconia, N.H., led by 0.32 seconds at the first interval before his right leg went wide on a turn and his ski became dislodged after slamming into a bump. He continued skiing down several gates then stopped at the side fencing, looking at the sky in disgust and disbelief.

"It was a really hard hit," said U.S. ski team spokesman Marc Habermann. "It shouldn't happen, but it does happen and skis can come off."

"Bode skied a straight line, but it was bumpy out there and he skied right into a hole," Habermann added. "He wanted to keep skiing but it was no use."
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Maybe they should make a binding with a DIN of 30 for him, he shouldnt have any problems then, except for broken legs.
But this really stinks, I feel bad for him, hopefully he can retain the lead, but its not going to be easy.
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SABOTAGE! Those bloody Austrian's were foolin' around with Bode's equipment, let's bomb them! In the end Bode will prevail and fulfill his destiny of becoming the WC champ.
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The only positive note is there are still a good number of speed events left...of which Benny Raich is not at the top of his game. It's amazing how Bode came in as a strict technical skier and now is more dominant in the speed events and has had such bad luck in slalom this year.
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