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lange boot help

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I have a pair of comp 120. I had a little work done to them and they fit quite well. I want to take out the upper screw from behind to soften them a bit for bumps/off piste days, but i want to put it back for hard snow skiing.
My queston - how do i prevent snow from entering through the screw hole? Is a piece of duct tape enough? I thought about putting a bit of silicone in there, but cleaning it every time should be a pain. Any ideas are welcomed.
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Don't even worry about it. It's in the back of the boot, not enough snow accumulation at that spot. Your pants will cover the hole. If you want, place a small amount of duct tape at that point. Lange's love duct tape!
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You also might try booster straps to get some adjustability in flex-on the slope. You can put duct tape on the inside of the boot, which will hold the nut in place if you pull your liners out. LewBob
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