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Fatties for my dad

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after skiing with his buddy again this weekend, my dad is looking to get a pair of fat skis. He has avoided powder, crud, & spring slop for years after hurting himself in it years ago (Sad for an alta & snowbird pass holder.) he had a few powder lessons at the National Ability center (he was recovering from a minor stroke) in Park City this year & after seeing the ease his friend Jim ripped the glop @ alta this weekend on 10exs, he wants to get more into it.
he is 58 & a strong skier. he has a pair of the Volant T1s(I think that is the model) so this does not need to be a "do everything" ski. he has the groomer carvers that he loves.
I suggested demoing the 10 exs & the volant chubbs.
any other suggestions would be appreciated.
he is 5'8" 150lbs
I am a lot larger & ski more aggressively than he does, so I am afraid my suggestions might lead him to "too much" ski

Thanks for the help.
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if he already likes the volant feel, the chubb would probably be great for him. i don't think they make a "Ti" chubb anymore, but there's probably still some around (used). you can probably get a killer deal on a new pair of the most recent "Gravity" chubbs.
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Maybe a Pocket Rocket? Awesome powder performance and a bit softer than some of the other fats.
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here's my $.01 (from NewEngland
*the 10.EX, Chubb..and other fats are truely
tailor-made for the West...here are a few
that work everywhere...as alternative choices.
1) Volant T3 Power
2) Volkl G3 Energy (this thing's also sweet
on the icy steeps!!)

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Being that he skis out westi thinka tailor made ski for the west might be a good idea. Id suggest the Volant Chubb, especially if he is currently on volants and likes the feel. Make sure he demo's some fatties before he commits to buying another ski so he knows what he wants and if he really likes the feel of a fat ski. Deffinitly give the chubb a try.
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thanks !!!
so far his demo list is
pocket rocket
& 10 ex.
I actually may have him try the atomic powder cruise as it is being discontinued this year. & seems to be up his alley.
he may be on the T3's I am not sure of the volant model
any more ?!?!?
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Matt, he may also want to check out the AK Rocket Pilot (Salomon). It will be out next season.
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First glad to hear that your father is able to have an active life and ski after a stroke.The National Ability Center does some great work.I have the Chubb in a 178 It's a great powder ski and crud buster.I don't think he could go wrong with a Chubb.Other skis for him to look into are Fischer Big Stick 84.It's Lighter then the Chubb.(Come to think of it just about every ski in the world is ligher then the Chubb ;} ) The Fisher has vary good manors on Groomed and in the crud.The 10ex has a tad more proformance then the Fischer But all around I liked the Fischers more. Utah Golf and Ski has the Fischers for 40% off and some great deals on bindings.Another ski That I demoed and liked more then I thought I would is the K2 Ak Enemy.It's wide, something like 90 mm under foot, light and has a nice even flex. It's a vary sweet ride in this spring mush.I think The K2 could be a everyday ski for an Alta skier.I( saw a few of the Ak Enemy's at Garts on sale at 1/2 price.
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Lucky - the AK pilot rocket only comes in 195, so that would probably be too much (plus from what I've heard it's burlier than the original rockets).

Pocket Rockets and Chubbs would probably be the ticket, but most of the fats on the market would probably work for him in the shorter sizes.
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thanks for all the replies.
on his second day of demoing he was completely smitten with the atomic ex2. I had never even heard of these skis but they look like this years 10ex on top & have the same shape.
apparently a bit more forgiving. he bought them right after trying them & got a good deal on them.
he is happy & now I wont have to stick to the groomers when I ski with him!!!
& UT49
National Ability Center was a God send. I would HIGHLY recomend it to any one recovering from any disability!
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Matt tell us more about that atomic
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Consider the Volant Gravity Power. I'm a 42 y/o low intermediate skier and just got back from Whistler and 2 days of trying them out. They are super stable, feel like my other Volants(smooth and damp) and they felt great in everything I skied through including wet crud and slush. I was amazed at how throwing up rooster tails of wet snow could actually be fun. Initiation was effortless and what little firm snow I encountered was not a problem. As one publication said "a real cheater ski". I didn't expect that much of a change from my old epics but I was in for a surprise. ski doc
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Forgot to mention I'm 5'9" 190 and I was on the 180cm Powers. I saw a 60+ y/o guy (good skier) on the same skis and he said he loved em. Short turns weren't a problem. skidoc
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I dont know any more than I posted
atomic's web site lists nothing.
I will study dad's closer.
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upon further inspection, that 2 is an R

so it is the R ex

dad still loves them.

he is soo funny, now he takes both pairs to the hill, skis the volants on the groomers till it gets soft, then takes out the wide skis for the afternoon muck busting.
nothing new to most of us but he just discovered this & is very excited by it.
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Yeah I,ve been doing that same thing with my Chubbs The wide body makes surfing the mush a lot of fun.Your dad sounds like a fun guy to ski with.If all goes well I'll be over to Snowbird Monday or Tuesday.

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