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Metron detune?

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Those of you that own a Metron, are your tips and tails detuned? I just noticed that mine are.
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Trust the force, Luke! Don't detune!
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I should have been more specific. Generally when discussing a detune you are talking about detuning (dulling) an area behind the contact points of the skis. I think old skis where detuned this way. The practice for shaped skis seems to be to use as much edge as possble (shorter skis) so don't detune. What I was wondering is if the Metrons had their non-contact (upturned) areas dulled.
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Ah! I don't bother to detune that area, either, but I never have. I'd rather have sharp edges when they come in contact with the snow than be "protected" from them hooking.
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Yeah, I don't usually detune the shovel. However, a friend of mine pointed out that when skiing bumps you don't want the shovel to be hooking up on you.

I was asking because my B5's have a slight detune to them and I didn't do it. So its either factory or the shop did it when they mounted the bindings.
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I've heard that, too, but have never actually experienced it, even though I've always run the sharp edges up the shovel a bit.
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B5 Tunning.

Mine were slightly railed, definitely not 1 degrees, so I hand tuned them as close to 1 as I could. When I was at Vail last week I dropped them off at Precision Ski in Frisco and had them do a 1 an 3. They ski great and like SSH said, don't de-tune, just verify they are at 1 and 3.
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