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MRI results....shoulder

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I had an MRI on my shoulder because it has been giving me pain for quite some time now. In the fall I had a shot of cortizone, it seemed to help, but then I fell a month ago in my driveway. I was in agony! I didn't ski for about 10 days due to it. I also had trouble holding on to things...of course it's my right shoulder and I am VERY right handed.

I just got the results: The MRI reveals a rotator cuff partial tear and a "ganglion" which is a cyst within the tendon sheath.

Does anyone know what this means for me?

LisaMarie, is there anything you know of that I can do that will help for this?
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Partial tear: rehab but no surgery. Been there done that myself, see 'em every day time and time again.

Ganglion: depends on size and location.
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I finally got to see the specialist for my shoulder. There was some delay due to my hectic schedule of late. The specialist looked at the MRI and ordered some additional xrays to look at something he noticed a little closer. Turns out that I also have a bone spur (which he thinks is causing most of the pain.) He has recommended surgery to repair several small tears and remove the spur, but since I still have fairly decent function of the arm, and since I am able to tolerate the pain, he has agreed to allow me to wait until the course I am currently involved in is over(I would not be able to complete it after the surgery). This is good because it will also put me closer to the end of the school year. He told me that the tears he sees are more than likely the result of the bone spur.

I am sucking up any pain that I do have and trying to hold out at least until June. If it gets even a little worse I will schedule the surgery sooner.
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