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Ski connoiseurs

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Its that time of year again. The local ski shops & eBay are dumping previous year model skis at prices that are way too tempting. There is a pair of 174 cm. Rossi T-Power 9S yada yada yada skis I can pick up & put bindings on for around $280. For me theses skis would not feel any missing niche I really need to feel. Instead they would be skied on for the pure joy of being different than my other skis.

I was going through my usual rationalization noting things like people I know that smoke spend $280 on cigarettes in a couple months or people I know that buy $30,000+ SUVs spend at least $280 more a month on car payments, gas & insurance than I do for my Corolla and then I came upon my pet peeve which is wine fanatics I know spend inane amounts of money on wines & its seen as sophisication while my craving to own & ski on numerous types of skis is seen by most people as boyish self-indulgence.

Why is that? Wine fanatics can sit around getting wasted on $50 bottles of wine spewing words like oaken, cherry, fruity, nose & other silliness and nobody seeming to care but the second I show up on the mountain with another pair of skis somebody has to comment. Maybe we gear whores need to start acting differently and demanding more respect. Maybe if we stop using technical lingo like torsional stiffness or swing weight and start describing skis with more whimsical words like airy, springy, subtle people will stop harrassing us. Or maybe I should become more boyish & write off other people comments about my hobby as jealousy.

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I used to stack my skis against the fireplace in the front entrance of my house. A friend came over and says "how can you afford all this stuff". I said "give me your credit card for the weekend and by Monday I will have saved you enough money to buy most of this". This guy would go to club on Friday and leave his card there til Monday AM to cover his tab. Do not feel like you have to justify your purchases, wine after all is bad grape juice.
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I hear you!
I was at a friend's house recently for a Champagne (and sparkling wine) tasting evening. There was a group of about 12 of us, each person, or couple, had to bring a bottle for tasting purposes. We had 7 bottles to blind taste, then rate on colour, taste, country of origin, and approximate cost. The two bottles I said tasted the worst were the genuine article. [img]redface.gif[/img] , but
So, I said we could have the next tasting round at mine, and the description I gave for wine to be brought was "Whatever you consider appropriate for a housewarming, but bring two bottles: one to taste, and one to go in my winerack!" That is coming up in a couple of weeks, I shall report back on how it goes.

Now, my wine rack is in a utility room outside the house, but my skis are in a cupboard in my office (so about 5ft from me right now).

One of my friends who I ski with most years met me last year in Whistler and the conversation started: "Hi fox, what new gear do you have this year?"
So, after showing the new skis, about 5 minutes later the question was: "What new gadgets do you have?"
To which the answer was: "Hands free kits for my radios, WAP/GPRS mobile, Digital Ixus..."
I guess it's just how people see you. My friends have come to expect me blowing a load of $$$ each year on gadgets, but also to be shrewd with my spending in other areas.

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My parents shake their head when I talk about all the skis and other gear I want to get this season. I want to get some mega fats for those powder days and some slalom shorties with huge risers for front side ripping. Possibly some twin tips as well. Then I will have a quiver that could cover anything the mountain puts up. Also keen to get some telemarking gear as well.

Some people just don't understand.
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I don't have any problem with wine connoiseurs. My problem is with the fact that people see their spending money to experience different wines as mature, sophisticated and refined but my spending money picking up skis at a bargain is seen as immature boyish self-indulgence. My god, if I overindulge enjoying my skis the only person that suffers is myself when I try to stand up the next morning. I definitely don't become a threat driving....well, maybe I do drive a little too fast stoked up after a great day skiing.
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Rio, you crack me up!

Thanks for helping justify the 4 pairs of cheap skis I've bought (so far!) this summer. [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]

I just hope some of them turn out to be airy and springy!

Careful with the wine bashing - Dchan may revoke your privileges! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

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[img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] gear whore, I like that lets see I live on the beach in florida, own three pairs of snowskis, 2 pairs of boots, countless gadgets- more on the way I'm sure, I think three sets of poles, & all that does not count my wifes new verse pilots & lange boots, I think next week its off to south carolina to the master bootfitter for zipfits, & that doesn't count all the dive gear spearguns tanks computers regulaters bc's I think enough for three people, & then the never ending home theater upgrades yamaha 3200, pana rp91, klipsch, pioneer sd533, hughes e86 hdtv & countless other toys, I think gear whore works for me & we all have been bitten with the upgrade bug, but like I always say I work hard so I can play hard, don't drink I know that might be blasphemy to some of you, fox are you listening, but I have a strange liver problem so don't drink, smoke, do drugs. I do spend to much money on my toys, drive to fast, ex racer hard to kick that habit. funny thing a few years ago I was building a custom harley, I had ordered a custom oil tank & asked a friend to pick it up for me. when he came by to drop it off he thought I was crazy to spend so much on something like that, but when I was done building my bike I had something I was proud of, his main hobby was to get off work & sit in a bar even eat supper there, he probably spent more eating & drinking in the same time period as I did on my harley, I like my way better. just my .02
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