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Wife hates Rossi Softs

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My wife hates her Rossi Softs. It was the end of the year...50 off time. Highly reputable boot fitter( the shop owner). Her Lady Lange Mids were terrible, like the plastic had stretched! I had put about 10 cut up cottage cheese lids under her heel. Tried to get her into mid range Xwave, but too small...end of season, lack of inventory. So she got sucked in to some Rossi Softs ( 1's I guess). This would have been a 2002 model. They tend to be confortable, but they are not snug enough to give her confident support in the bumps. The top of the boot being soft, fake leather, her foot moves too much, and clamping down just causes pain. O yeah, she also gets cold feet. Maybe this is all Psycoceramic, but I think they suck. Do the Hot Form liners of Technicas, provide a warm environment in the early morning if one buys the Home Dryer attachment?
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Tecnica Hot Form liners heat is noticeable. I dry mine overnight, then stuff my socks in the boot top and then in the boot bag for a 1/2 hour trip to the mtn. They are confortable when I get there.

They also have a plug for the cig. lighter in the car. That would be the ticket for your wife--plug 'em in on the drive over.

The AC version comes with the boot, the DC option is bought seperately.

By the way----WELCOME to Epic
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Tecnica does not sell just the liners if that is what you were thinking. You are going to have to replace the boot. If she is a good skiier the Soft boot was a bad choice. My mom had a pair for instructing little kids, and it was still not enough boot. I made her go buy some Tecnica Diablo Flame ladies boots and she absolutely loves them. Now the fit on that boot may not be right for your wife, but it is place to start.

Don't be fooled by a great deal, it is only a deal if it works.
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Get her out of those boots.
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I guess it depends on what type of skier you are. You didn't say what level your wife is.

My wife bought rossi soft 1 boots two years ago and loves them. But she is a solid intermediate, and not very aggressive. They are perfect for her. She was fitted by a great bootfitter and got custom insoles. She may very well get to be an advanced level skier (I hope so), since she takes alot of lessons, but she will never be an aggressive skier. So I think these boots are perfect for her. They are comfortable and warm to her. I don't think they are colder than the average boot, because my wife always has cold feet (we've been at the bottom of the grand canyon in August and her feet were cool!). She would be the first to complain about cold feet and she never has. She loves them.

I think if your wife is looking for something to ski agressively in, then rossi soft is not the right boot for her. I think they are for the less aggressive skier.
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At least you know why the "soft revolution" hasnĀ“t survived 3 years.
(The Rossi Softs were among the BETTER boots of this kind...)
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Originally Posted by OldSnowMan
Maybe this is all Psycoceramic, but I think they suck.
Congrats, my man. If this is not a pun, or an intentionally incorrect spelling, you get the award for February's best butchering of a word with your version of "psychosomatic".
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She likes to think she is only an intermediate, non aggressive skiier, but she is going as fast as practical on Lady Lipsticks( 160 Salamon 8W's). She survived her first lesson, a marathon all day Bumps Jamboree at Mary Jane(since "I" taught her to ski 30 years ago). She will not go down Steeplchase at Highlands, but she will follow me into most anything else( all the bumps at Steamboat except the chutes; Resolution at Copper, etc), especially when we are by ourselves and she does not feel compelled to ski blues with the ladies. She is definitely an advanced intermediate( not sure of the scale system...am new to this site...but she is likely a 7 out of 10).

Great feedback. My thought was to drop $150 bucks on battery powered heated beds, but she now bitches about the boots to the point that I am getting rid of them. And the Hot Form Tecnica Diablo Fire or Flame was what I was thinking of buying. Thanks for the info on the cig lighter feature...should be the ticket.

And she is even thinking she needs something better the the 8W's, like a Bandit or even the Viper XL of three years ago. She demoed the XL courtesy of Rossi, and it was truely an ephiny.
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