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New Boots for me!!!

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I need some boots. I purchased some Metron M:9s and now I need to get some boots. Like I have said before, I'm old and fat (51 yrs, 5'9.5" @ 220lbs) and am a level 6 - 7 skier (emphasis on 6) and want some boots that have a good amount of flex and are comfortable. If I HAD to choose, I would much prefer comfort to high-end performance. Renting boots this season, the low-end Salomons (Performa 550 or something like that) fit the best - compared to higher-end the Demo boots that I tried (Technica is the only demo brand that I remember), although I'm not too thrilled with them, either.

Calves seem to be an issue - mine are, *ahem* large, and I want to be able to buckle my boots without fracturing my tibia or cutting off the circulation to my feet. While I'm on a roll here, my feet are on the wide-side and I have relatively high arches. More info than you wanna know - sorry!!

Any super-comfort boots out there that don't completely sacrifice function???

Comments on '05 Salomon Performa 5.0s?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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Got to a shop and try on some of the Atomic Bitoech series of boots. Maybe start wiht the B-7. The biotech line is atomics widefit line and has good instep height and also have a lower cuff height than many boots along with three positions for the buckles. Later, RicB.
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hey hey!!
omg finally i can give some advice.

ok, ill tell u abit about myself, im 5'11" 185 lbs and my calfs are well, big. prob as big as urs, and i also hav a high arch. when i was reading ur description i thought i was reading about myself.
anyway, i got a pair of Salomon Performa just yesturday, and yes they were a tight fit. the boot fitter had to move top two buckles back so my legs wont fall off. at the shop my foot started to hurt but when i got home, i put them on again (he told me to wear it at home to pack them out a bit) and they felt better. i'd say go try that boot on, coz nothing else would wrap around my calf.

good luck!
and those performas do look quite sexy
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Which Performa model did you buy? 4,5,6,7 or 8? Why did you choose the one you did?
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i think 5
have to check when i get home.
um it's the only pair that fits me, thats y
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Buy your boots from the closest shop to your house that has a good boot fitter. You may have to bring them back to get them stretched a few times. They won't want to make them too big right off the bat, because they will pack out. My Crossmax 10s finally fit the forefoot fine after making room for my little toes and that side of my fore foot 3 or 4 times! The last time I was just able to wear them barefoot. Now I can wear them with ski socks. and they now fit great after about a dozen days of skiing. I'm waiting for the heels to be too loose after a few more days of skiing, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
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