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ETU Ski Sock Snafu

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As those of you who attended the dinner at ETU in December know, I won a pair of bindings in the raffle. I joked with Ric Reiter that what I really wanted was ski socks (since he didn't remember to bring any for the raffle this time), at which point he said he'd give me six pairs of socks if I agreed to donate the bindings back to the raffle. Hooray, I thought, I don't need bindings, I have no intention of buying new skis anytime in the near future, so what the heck do I need with bindings?? I'll take the socks!

WHAT AN IDIOT. I was thinking I'd get some socks from Ric since he said he'd send them, and I thought, well, that's about $120 worth of socks! Not a bad prize! What an idiot! And what's more, my husband bought me several pairs of really nice ski socks for Christmas THAT I THEN RETURNED TO THE STORE BECAUSE I KNEW I'D BE GETTING SIX PAIRS OF SKI SOCKS FROM RIC REITER. Once again, WHAT AN IDIOT! I could have taken home the bindings, sold them on eBay, and had lots of socks by now!

So, did any of the other sock winners get THEIR socks?? I've emailed Ric twice, but still, no socks.

I'd like to know if I can get the 20 bucks back that we spent on the raffle tickets. Alternatively, I'll take the bindings.
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Ric? Fork over the sox dawg!
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My humblest apologies... I had them packaged, put in my truck, and they ended up in the back , buried... It is a real screw up on my part, and I apologize with all sincerity. This goes for all the sock winners! They will be sent out first thing in the morning!

The sock winners were Ice Queen, Dina, Sally, Jacek and his wife Ewa, and Marcus.

I can not apologize enough for this screw up on my part!
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Cool, Ric!!!! You remember I asked for the aquamarine, right? If you're out of those, the puce are nice, too...
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Keep dreaming, Barb!

You can have them in any color you like, as long as it's BLACK!!!!

They are on the way!
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