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Slovenia Info?

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Hi, all.

This doesn't have anything to do with skiing, but I'm looking for any of you who might have firsthand info on Slovenia.

My wife and I and another couple have done some walking trips in rural parts of Europe, and we're planning one this fall to Slovenia. We'll be there in late September and early October and will be visiting Tolmin, Kobarid, Bovec, Kranjska Gora, Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj. The area looks absolutely beautiful:

I've heard that the people are very friendly, food and accomodations are relatively cheap, and that English is commonly spoken around the country.

Since there are so many people on Epic who have knowlege of everything imagineable, I'm just wondering if any of you out there have suggestions on things to do and see while we're there. Special little restaurants, hikes in the mountains, museums, etc.

Any suggestions or web links are appreciated.


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Roughly 15 years ago Slovenia was part of my homecountry and I am always happy to see someone taking interest in those parts of the world. I've been there during my college days, hitchiking from Zagreb to Ljubljana just to have a cup of coffee on a outside terrace and take a stroll through pretty streets of Slovenian capital. The people are nice and friendly and most of them speak english, especially younger generations. One thing they are famous for is their love for outdors and all kinds of winter sports. I had a feeling everybody is in the mountains all the time!
I think you chose good places to visit, there are going to be a plenty of naural beauties and breathtaking views of the Alps.
Their highest peak is Triglav and it is part of Slovenia's only National Park
Another thing to consider visiting might be Postojnska Jama (Postojna cave), a place where the endemic "human fish" is discovered
I am sure you already visited Slovenia's official web-site http://www.slovenia-tourism.si/?home=0 It has some good advice where to go and what to eat.
I hope you'll have a great time there!
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Bob, check on snowHeads, I think there are a few people on there who have been.
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