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Need advice on Intermediate Women's Skis

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I just started skiing this year (I previously lived in Texas and California, which aren't the best places to learn to ski), but fortunately I go to college about 20 minutes away from a ski resort where we get huge discounts on season passes, so I went over 15 times this season, and took about 7 private lessons (my college offers them for free). I've advanced relatively quickly (mostly because I was on the slopes at least twice a week), and have fallen completely in love with skiing.

I'm looking to buy some skis for next season. Even though I just learned this year I'm not really a beginner any more (I feel relatively comfortable on blue slopes, ski parallel, am learning how to carve, and like going relatively fast (I'm not sure what numbered level this translates into)). I also plan on improving a lot in the coming years, and will able to go skiing 15-20+ times each season. I'm 18 y.o., 5'4", and about 110 lbs.

I'd like some good advice on a solid intermediate ski that I won't grow out of immediately. I'm open to both unisex and women's specific models.


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welcome to epic!

My friend started skiing this year and she advanced so fast she even skied black diamonds with us last time we went. We went through effort of finding a perfect ski for her and we ended up with HEAD Lightning C Railflex II with SL10 Tyrolia bindings. She claims she loves her skis! They are women's intermediate carving skis and the whole package costs $375 at http://www.coloradoskioutlet.com/item1846.htm (she got them there)
Another great ski is mine, Elan Fusion S8. They come in women's Truelite and men's regular version which i have. I thought women's were too light for me. The ski is so much fun, turns quickly and is almost imposible to fall in them, they got me out of trouble when I thought I am going to wipe out big time. Comparing to all my previous skis, this one is a bliss. It is more advanced than the HEAD Lightning but it is managable and intermediate skiers should have mo problems on them.
I got them for $600 in ski shop in the middle of season, but dawgcatching from this forum might have some for $515. They come with the bindings since it is a Fusion system.
I am sure there are a lot of good skis around, but I know about these two from experience.
Good luck and keep on skiing!
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I can confirm what is said in the previous post. I also recently bought Head Lighting C skis and I'm delighted with them.

I have tried a couple of others before deciding myself and I'm really happy with my choice!

Régine from Switzerland
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Welcome to the highly addictive world of skiing... I'm about the same buid as you, a bit lighter and would consider myself a comfortable intermediate, skiing mostly in Europe. I haven't tried any of the Head skis so I can't comment on those. However, I bought a pair of the Volkl supersport gamma last year and they were absolutely AWESOME. Great edge hold, allowed me to carve like I had never done before and amazing stability at speed. I tested a pair of c9 atomics which were also good (I'm told these are the ultimate skis for people who want to improve) but found them a bit unstable at speeds and not great on ice. Also tried some Salomon screams which I found way too light.

If you're really serious about getting your own pairof skis, I would have to advise you on getting boots first and then testing out different skis before you buy. Really, it makes a HUGE difference. Good luck!
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Thanks for the advice everyone! As of right now, I'm looking into the Volkls, Elans, and a few of the K2 T-Nine models (does anyone have any K2 advice?). I'm actually very interested in the Volkl Supersport Gamma's, but was under the impression they were for advanced skiers only. Do you they'll be too much ski for me? Oh, and Wyldorian--I am planning on getting boots first.

I also wanted some advice as to ski lenght. Right now I'm thinking something in the 150-165ish range. Any thoughts?

I'm still open to any advice about other brands as well. What do people think of Atomics?

Thanks again to all those who replied.
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The K-2 T-9 series are great skis. I’ve got a new pair of Burnin’ Luvs which are probably not the ski for you, but if you can, go out and demo some of the other range – One Luv maybe? I can guarantee you would love them- or is that Luv them?

Atomic also make a great ski, I ski the R10, again probably not what you are looking for. One warning note – Atomic skis, wonderful though they are often very heavy – not a desirable thing to have to lug around.

My Burnin’ Luvs are 160’s, I’m 5’5 and about 155lbs.
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