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Calling GS Racers, Rossignol 9x?

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I have tried to get some feedback in a few threads on GS race skis but it seems my question has just gotten buried so I will run the risk of utter redundancy and repost.

Any GS racers out there with any experience, positive or negative, with the Rossignol 9x with the race 155?

Is this more of a strength or finesse ski?

Thanks for your feedback,

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I demoed last years pair, and they were heavy, not too heavy by race ski standards, but heavy. I liked em, but they cant hold nearly as well as my atomics. They are a mix of strength and finesse. Pure finesse will get you nowhere with em, pure strength might. This is in regards to last years so i dont know about the currrent ones.
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I have only anecdotal evidence on the the 9x WC. A guy that I ski with and lose to regularly is on the ski. He absolutely LOVES it. Claims it's the greatest thing out there. So great in fact that he has a FIS pair and a shorter "cheater" pair.

Hope this helps.
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Not first-hand info (yet) but a friend of mine likes em. Says they are easy to handle for a race stock ski and pretty finesse-oriented. I am hoping to get some time on his borrowed skis soon....
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The current and last model year skis have a very nice easy to initiate tip in the women's and small mens lengths. The 185 compared to the 181 is a surprisingly different animal. I like the 185 better.

The plate/binding combo is the best one out there, period.
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By plate/binding do you mean the race 155 or the race 140?
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I own the 9x world cup 181 with the fks 185's and i love 'em. they are definitely a finesse ski. What i really like about them is the plate and bindings. the plate has something like 5 different ways to adjust it. playing around with different setups is really fun, and you can really dile in the ski to how you like it. although the bindinds can be a hassle sometimes, they are very solid. I would recommend this ski to someone who is a little more technical and big and strong. I will also be selling these skis soon if anyone is interseted.
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My brother and I both ski on them...but the model from 2 yrs ago, the first issue of black and gold. My understanding is that my brother's 175's are identical to the current model, but mine, 185's, still with the old VAS plate on the topsheet, are a little stiffer than the new ones.

The 175's are definitely a finesse ski. They are a very soft ski, extremely easy to bend. The edge grip is actually fantastic for such a soft ski. I used them for a night of training and not once did I feel like I needed more grip. In the arc, the best way to describe these skis is glued to the snow, like skiing on soft, grippy, energetic slabs of rubber, if you can imagine what I'm saying. They just engage in the turn and hold onto thier arc, and can be bent without limits. The only lack on these skis is fore/aft stability. Being so soft, when shot backseat, it is hard to recover and usually results in some air at the transition.

The 185's are quite a bit stiffer than the 175's. It seems that they have much more to return, in terms of acceleration and stability. While the acceleration on the 175's can be described as a "kick" at the end of the turn, on these, it's more like someone is punching the throttle throughout the arc. With the stiffness, you lose that infinite feeling of bendability, but they do turn enough for any GS course. Both skis are very light during the edge switch, easy to throw around. They do not feel bulky like a Head. Grip and stability are very nice on these skis. They definitely push back.
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Originally Posted by viking kaj
By plate/binding do you mean the race 155 or the race 140?
The Axial (race 140) bindings don't fit on the WC plate. It requires FK bindings such as the 120, 155, or 185.
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