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Quebec Surprise!!

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I’m bored at work…figured I’d begin a post....

Any East Coast people ever ski Quebec? I got the most pleasant surprise when I went to Le Massif (almost 2 years ago now)! What a cool ski area….

1st you drive about 45 min Northeast of Quebec City, past Mt St Anne, out into the middle of nowhere. Then you turn onto this bumpy-ass dirt road for about 5 miles (my poor VW took a beating) and then bang, you pop out into a unassuming mud parking lot and all you can see is one building – no hill just one building. As you walk toward the building you finally realize that…what is this?? The mountain goes down….you just drove into the top!! You get your ticket (I think it was $33 cdn!) and hop on your skis and head out – all you can see is about 100yds of flatness….about 50 yds into the cruise the most amazing spectacle befalls you….finally into view comes one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen….as you approach the drop the most incredible view of the St Lawrence seaway (above where it’s a river…it’s the ocean up here) unfolds below….not only that, the hill is 2,500 vert of pretty steep terrain...lot’s of bumps…a couple tree runs….and good skiers!!! I’ll let the pics speak for themselves…


btw – if I recall It’s only about 2.5 hours from the VT/QE border...I bet it's freakin' cold up there right now!!
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Yeah, me an' JD skied it. Or slid around on it if you will.

I'll go back, but it was rough when I was there.
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I'm sure the weather can get nasty...

...I got lucky & hit it nice...both days, mostly sunny, in the low 40's....nice spring bumps...everything was open because it was only March....
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Here's xdog getting annoyed with those East Coast weekend crowds:

From the top of "La Charlevoix":
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Looks cool but the web site is only French. Since I don't read French but for the simplest of signs (est,ouest,overt,facile, etc.) I can't even tell what kind of services/lodging/etc. they have. Opps, Ignore that, I found the English site.

Is that an area of Quebec where people will only speak French to you? I've done Mt. Tremblant a lot and there English and French are both excepted by everyone.

Is there anything else to do there beside ski? Aweful long ride if the skiing turns out to be marginal.
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I just came back from Quebec. It is my second time and I love it. I skied Le Massif a couple of years ago and was overwhelmed...1) by the difficulty and 2) by the views-they are spectactular. This time I went to Mont St. Anne which is closer to Quebec and more user friendly. In my experience, most Quebecois are quite friendly and appreciate the U.S. tourist dollar. Make sure to approach someone asking if they speak English in French (parle vou anglais?) and most people are eager to help.

As for things to do, Quebec is a beautiful city. Great architecture and old world feel. Don't expect a rocking nightlife. It is quite quaint, though. All in all a great place. Too bad the dollar is in the tank!
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Originally Posted by learn2turn
Looks cool but the web site is only French.
Is there anything else to do there beside ski? Aweful long ride if the skiing turns out to be marginal.
Try this:

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Originally Posted by jamesdeluxe
Here's xdog getting annoyed with those East Coast weekend crowds:

From the top of "La Charlevoix":

Hehe, that's one complaint I don't have. There were NO crowds.

I attribute that to Quebecois intelligence, it was -19C!
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I've been wanting to check out Le Massif for years. I remember reading about in it Ski or Skiing Mag. a long long time ago when they had no lifts and they brought you up from the bottom in school busses.

Maybe next March as this year's trip is already planned and we are staying south of the border.
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Hey, you are more than welcome anytime!

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