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Flims Laax, Switzerland

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Going to Flims Laax next week for a week. Anyone been there, have any tips?
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Generally, a 1st post reads something like "Hey, great forum you have here. I'm from yadda yadda, I've been skiing x amount of years, yadda blah blah blah."

Y'know, introductory sorta stuff.

Then come the questions. :

But anyhoo, at the Alpenarena, plan your day carefully so you can get back to your point of origin in time.

Crap Sogn Gion can be very crowded. Think about eating near the top of the Nagens lift. Great food and views.

The "freeride zone" skiers right of Vorab glacier is a really nice piste, do it early as the lift back to the top gets very busy later on.

Get your food, wine and supplies in the Coop Market in Flims Waldhaus.

Paragliding from Crap Sogn Gion looked like a lot of fun, and not too expensive. There's a cool skiercross course there too.

And if you have a car and a non ski day, a drive down to Lake Lugano is a really nice day.
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apologies for my rudeness ... this is a great forum you have here. i'm from ohio and new york but now am a transplanted san diegan who misses the snow. thanks for the tips!!
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