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Who's good for a private at 7 Springs?

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Looking for a recommendation on who I should ask for when I call for a private.

Anybody particularly good with middle-age female intermediate wannabe's??

I'm guessing I'm a level 5.
-Have 9 days on skis since December.
-Parallel turning pretty consistently (there's that consistent thing again )

-Think I'm doing fairly well at using the edges more (getting the 'swoopy' feeling in my turns very consistently on greens now)

I WANT to get more comfortable on the steeper stuff without panicking and scraping my way down.

I WANT to start using my poles for something other than just pulling the straps on and off.

And I would LIKE a constructive critique of what I'm already doing to make sure I'm not ingraining bad habits.

ANYBODY? Or are they all good and I can just call and take my chances?

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Frankie Ross's wife, and I don't know her first name but certainly the ski school desk will. Frankie ,her husband ,is an incredible mogul skier and is the coach for the new 7 Springs freestyle team. His wife I see every weekend clinicing the instructors. She is a tremendous skier as well. Very fluid and makes perfect arcs. I don't think you will be disappointed.
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It's too bad you aren't a bit closer to Whitetail. Last weekend, I just gave several lessons of exactly the type you are describing and got some very nice feedback on them from (to use your words) two "middle-age female intermediate wannabe's" - grin.

RustyC ("theRusty" on Epic) and several other WT instructors would also be great for this type of lesson.

Tom / PM
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Who's good for a private at 7 springs

Ask for Angelo Ross, he is a PSIA-E DCL. Good Luck
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There's Three Ross's????
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Call the springs---1-800-452-2223-----X7445
Talk to the supervisors----Dave or Fred---..If they are not there Call back----explain the situation-----they know the SS pros----
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mike andreas, or jayce pasquel are incredible instructors
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who's good for a pricate at 7 springs?

So Defrau, how was your lesson at 7 Springs? Who did you have as an instructor?
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It was a good lesson, and I think it gave me a breakthru. I posted it in the thread "Eureka moment with poles".
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I am guessing that you already went, but if you go again, Matt Vasile teaches there and often posts here. John Grabowski is a Level IV and did wonders with my wife last year. She was a true beginner exactly one year ago. This year she skied all of the blues and some easy blacks at Stowe, Jay, MRG, & Sugarbush.
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