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Binding Mounting Question!

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I just got a pair of 183 Fischer WC GS skis off eBay today. When they arrived I saw that they were a bit small for my boots but adjusted them (forward pressure screw?) so that they will fit my boots. However, the bindings are about as far back as they can go as the screw will only go another 1/2 turn.

My first question is if it is ok to ski with the bindings this far cranked back in relation to were they are mounted?

Second, I compared them to my other pair of 188 Fischers and the toe piece appears to be further forward on my old pair which is correctly mounted for my 303m boot. If the bindings are mounted further back on the skis by a few centimeters what effect will that have? Will it make them feel longer?
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What kind of binding do they have?
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Where does the center line on your boots line up with center line on the ski (assuming the ski has a center line - it should be obvious)? If the boots line is more than 1/2 cm back or so, I've heard, it can make your ski tougher to initiate a turn but give it slightly better powder performance. Check the ctr lines, then ski it and see how it feels...
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They are marker 1800 bindings. Based on the center line of the ski being the middle of the two plates on the Fischer WC ski, the center of my boot is about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch behind the what appears to be the center of the ski.
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It shouldn't affect the binding being further back on the mount. However if you are 3/4 inch back from the center line you may want to think about remounting. I have found that the WC GS can take a bit of work to get into the turn so being mounted further back could potentially exacerbate this. I don't think you will be using them much for Powder

Best option though, assuming that the boot fits within the binding adjustment range, is to ski them first and see what they feel like. That will give you a starting point. At least with the binding plate there is no worry about weakening the integrity of the ski
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Thanks for the replies. 183 is a little short for me so maybe the placement of the bindings will be a good thing...
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Even 1/2 cm can make a difference in how the ski feels to you. It can be the difference of hating it or loving it. I would suggest a remount, especially since you are claiming 1/2 - 3/4 " behind the center line mark for your boots

If in fact the binding is truly a Marker 1800, you have a women's WC binding, with a DIN of 8-18 (the men's binding is 12-24 DIN). Unless you are a very heavy, very aggressive, and very advanced skier, these bindings may be more than you need. Please be very careful! It's likely that the DIN charts will leave you at the low end of this bindings DIN scale, maybe lower than is safe. Remember that no binding is designed to function optimally at either the bottom or top of the scale!
These bindings are not typically available to the general public.
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