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Anyone try Volkl Energy 420's?

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I am looking to buy a new ski that will fall somewhere between a Fischer Rx6 and Rx8 (I am using Fischer as an example because I have Rx4's now).

My current skis are great, but I need to move up a bit to a stiffer ski/more advanced ski. The Rx6 would be great now, and the Rx8 too much. I need something that falls inbetween.

Any experience with the Volkl 420's? Any other thoughts?

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man-woman? height? weight? skill level? I had fun on this ski one day last year. Solid intermediate to upper intermediate level groomer ski.
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Sorry - I am a man, 5'9" tall and 173#s. I am a solid intermediate "blue groomer" skier who likes the turns and whoop-dee-doos (not moguls - they kill my knees).

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yeeps, sorry for the all caps.

Anyway. they shop guy says, these will be "So not enough ski for you duude!"

I said, well I just want to try real short skis.

I skied them in 160--I don't remember the snow conditions -- but they were fun, I could relax and skid or carve them ---either was acceptable for these skis.

I really don't quite know what the shop guy was talking about---I tried (inadvertantly---but thats another story) some real low level atomics skis this year and absolutely hated them. So I kinda know what "Not enough ski" feels like and the 420's were certainly not well below my ability level at all. I had fun on them and actually considered trying them out again with an eye towards buying some.

Then I got a good deal on some Head Monsters.

Certainly worth demoing if you have the chance.

Sorry this is not an indepth review---just my recollection from a year ago.
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Anyone try Volkl Energy 420's?

Sure did, great ski. They were replacement skiis for a pair Volkl Carver 4’s that I broke last year, not a great mogul ski I guess. (gotta love Volkl they stand behind there stuff)

Oddly enough it was a pair of Fisher RX9’s I think, that I rented to get me through the rest of the weekend. I did not get nearly the response from the Fishers that I do from the 420’s. This ski is fast and holds an edge when you lay them over, it will not let you down.

I like the hard pack and love those big carves and this ski loves to do them with you. If you like the fall line these skiis are great at the the short raidus just roll them over quickly, but hang on. First few times I tried fast short turns I left the ground. They’re too much fun.

If you haven’t made your purchase yet I would strongly suggest this ski.

I can only imagine what the supersports are like!

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one of the national ski patrol guys skis on this ski at our local hill in Indiana and he is one of the better skiers I have watched. He can really work that ski with short and medium turns. I think it would be a good choice.
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