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Giro Fuse...how to get the ears flaps off?

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Got mine from REI but no instructions in the box.

So how do you (can you) get the ear flaps off on warm days?

Many thanks...
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They are held on by small (about 2mm diameter) plastic pins taht snap/insert into corresponding holes. Pull up the liner to expose the end of the ear flap and pull the flap straight toward the center of the helmet (where your brain would be) to remove.

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Kriscanski's description was for the Nine, which uses a different method from the Fuse.
The Fuse uses a notched wing(?). Just pull it straight out and it will come off.
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Sitting in a chair, lay helmet on the floor in front of you with the inside facing up. Put one foot in the helmet while grasping the left and right ear flaps with each hand. Raise leg to waist level. While holding the earflaps firmly, extend foot forcefully. Retrieve hemet from across the room.

Or you could just do it like paulwlee said.
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That would explain why I saw my friend Paddy tie a rope to his ear flaps, then tie the other ends to two trees.
Wearing his helmet he just put his helmet on and shouted "CHARRGE" and ran off.

He obviously didn't know about the foot/chair method!
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Did you notice that the side vents don't open and close with the lever, they have little inserts like the nine. I lost one of mine the first time I removed them. Maybe its in a pocket somewhere.
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Sorry for the error, got my wifes helmet and mine confused.

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Pull HARD and straight down from the helmet as if it was on your head.

I was afraid to but it was necessary to put in the Tune Up headphones.
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Anyone else notice the helmet to be looser without the ear flaps or is it just me? Seems to fit me perfectly with them, though.
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Yeah, I noticed it too. I think it's because the rear part that connects the two earflaps together is a little tighter than the helmet itself. This results in the front part of the helmet being pulled slightly against your forehead.

For me, the helmet fits perfectly without the flaps, but I feel a slight pressure (albeit not enough to be uncomfortable) with the flaps on. Maybe I'll think of some way to stretch the rear part and I will be golden.
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I had the same problem...the solution was simple:
Use a sharp knife and make a small cut in the middle of back of the neck material part, that then causes a small "Vee" shape to open up.
A small cut was all it took for me, but the comfort/fit difference was profound.
The construction of the material makes it non-rip and it has no further effect.
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