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Twin Tips for kids

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I want to get my 9 and 7 yr. old a pair or twin tips for this season. Both have been skiing for 2 years now and are skiing all over the mountain with no problems. Skis should be versatile for all mountain use not just the park or pipe. Anyone have kids that can recomend a particular ski? What length is good? Up to the chin or nose?
Dynastar has Concept Jr., Head has Mad Trix Jr.,
Rossignol has the Bandit Jr. which has a turned up tail but not a full twin tip, K2 has Min Enemy, Salomon probably has somethig also.HELP I'm not really up on these skis and would like to get some leftovers at the pre-season sales in MA. or NH.

Thanks for any help
Jeff J.
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Salomon has a kids version of the 1080, I believe. I've skied the adult version and it's quite versatile - I skied it in conditions ranging from ice to chest deep powder and I had no problems with it. So if you're looking for a versatile park ski, I'd recommend it.
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Salomon has 720's in it's productline. Try those, there the kidversion of the 1080.

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According to Salomons website there's a 1080T which is for kids. The 720 is just a lower/less expensive version of the 1080, but it's only available as an adult model. (This is according to the website anyway - I know these things aren't always accurate.)
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Thanks for the feedback. I also saw the 1080T and the 720 after looking at Solomons web site for the 02/03 season (already). Did they have the kids 1080T last year??? I would like to save some $$$ on leftover stuff from 01/02. I also have a 4 year old (who has also been skiing 2 seasons) and my wife so I need to be carefull of price.

Jeff J.
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This year's Salomon Teneighty Fizz comes in 161 and 140 cm. lengths and uses the spaceframe construction method. The Seventwenty uses foam construction and is available in 140, 150, 160, and 170 cm lengths.

At the shorter lengths, the Seventwenty seems better positioned to be the replacement for last year's Teneighty Grom.

The Fizz will probably be pricey. Last year's Groms are probably going dirt cheap...
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