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Adjust cuffs or get cants?

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For my skis to run flat I need to have the cant adjustment on my cuffs adjusted to the max and in addition to that I need my soles ground so much that the front of the soles wiggle in the toe bindings which is unacceptable. I could solve the wiggle problem by either getting new boots with cant adjustment on both sides of the cuff. Or, I could get new boots and get cants under my bindings. I would rather get boots with double sided cuff adjustment but according to The Athletic Skier that causes other balance problems.

My local reputable boot fitters says cants under the bindings are old school and adjusting with the cuff is fine. I would like to believe him because that would be easier and that way it would be easier for me to demo skis and feel ralatively balanced. I am a level 8-9 skier and want good performance but I don't race. Any suggestions usre would be appreciated!

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Doug, see Bud!
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another fitter/boot guru

Or go see Jim at Starthaus. (Truckee)

The process for grinding boots is, They grind your cant into the bottom of the boot, Then they install lifts under the boot to build up the height of the boot toe and heel. Then they use a router to make the boot/binding interface correct so you do not have a "loose" toe piece.

With this process they can make you stand flat in the boot, adjust the cuff so your ankle is still neutral inside the boot and still get you flat on the ski.

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Cants are not old school if you need them!

Save your boot work till you make up your mind.

Put big wedges under your bindings (available at many "race places" like Artech etc.)

Ski the difference, fine tune, and then if you want, cut the boots.
The toes and heels can be built up with epoxy etc. to conform to the binding requirements.

Go boldly!

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While cants under the bindings are old school, they are the only way to get you flat on your skis without grinding your boot soles and routing the soles. Grinding your soles does allow you to switch skis for a fresh edge. With cants you...can't.

The cuff allignment on any boot is just that. It will only do so much. It is designed more to allign the boot to the curvature of the leg and cannot truly flatten your ski.

There is work that can be done inside the boot to cant you if you are out of line 1.5 degrees or less.

It sounds to me that your boot fitter doesn't know how to cant a ski under the binding. Find someone who can and ask them what they think. Most people will charge you a minimal fee to measure you for cants and then charge you the full amount if they install the cants. A good shop will refund you all or part of the money if it doesn't work out.
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I thank all of you for your excellent help. I will see Jim at the Start Haus because he should be a better boot fitter than the guy I have been going to since the Start Haus is the local ski race shop.


By they way, who is Bud?
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Remember, with all the ski and binding "systems" out there, boot sole grinding will be in some cases a necessity. There is only limited correction that you can "eek" out of a footbed and the shaft alignment adjusters on the boot. It's here to stay boys and girls! If anyone needs any help with grinding their boots, get in touch with me.
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dtraub1,this guy Bud Heishman's place, www.snowindsports.com
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Bud did a phenomenal job aligning my boots and detecting a need for 3mm lift under my left boot. all soles returned to DIN spec and so you get portable canting. my skiing has never felt so symmetric in all my life. amazing results.
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I searched this forum for Bud and found this post by Bud:

"... if you can get to Truckee, Ca. make an appointment with Jim Schaffner at the Starthaus. Nobody better. Jim was head of world cup race services for Salomon a few years back and caters to elite racers.


Since I live in Truckee I will try Jim. If I lived in Reno, I would definitely go to Bud. Thanks again for the suggestions.

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