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Nightlife in Park City

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Hi all.

First trip to Utah next week (4 guys). Staying in Park City, skiing several places, and I have a few questions.

What is a good place to drink beer and shoot some pool and/or play some foosball?

From what I understand the brewpubs have "real beer" (regular alcohol % ). Is this true? Do they charge a premium because of this? Which ones are good hangouts (if any)?

What is the deal with restaraunts and serving beer or not serving beer? How can you tell which ones serve and which ones don't? If they don't, do they all allow BYOB, or just some of them?

Thanks for any help.
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For happy hour got to O' Shucks on Main (big,frosty schooners). For dinner and beers go to Wasatch Brew Pub at the top of Main. Don't worry about the alcohol content, after skiing all day and at this altitude you won't notice any difference. Enjoy!
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I just got back from a first time visit to Park City. You and your friends will have a great time. Main Street is crawling with bars and restaurants. Others with more knowledge will be able to tell you more specifics, but my perspective was that the "private membership club" liquor laws are just semantics: they amount to paying a nominal cover charge and writing down your name and number. Some places give you a card to show next time to avoid paying twice; other places waived the charge by having the doorman act as a "sponsor." We really liked No Name Saloon and Bacchus Wine Bar. They didn't have much in common except great selection. Bacchus had a high proof imported beer that was in a 25 oz bottle with a cap similar to a Grolsch. I can't remember the name of it, things were a bit fuzzy at that point! Enjoy your trip.
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why so worried about the Beer? Local Brew pubs win national Beer tasteing awards with 3.2 Beer.
A Locals hang out is the No Name Saloon, and O'shucks. Wasatch Brew Pub has pool tables upstairs and good food. HarryO's is good place for dancing and Monkey bar has live dancers just not topless. Good Asian food is Taste of Siagon. Plan B the Night Club has live bands. The Spur also has live music. Well you get the Idea. if your looking for some fun at night just head up to Main st A littel more up scale and older crowd is Reenes. Easy St hasa nice littel bar and is again a bit more up scale.
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We were just out there with a big group of guys and found Cicero's to be a ton of fun. They are a real pub atmosphere with a small area by the entrance (and women's room - lol) with foosball and golden tee. They also had live music and on Saturday night the place was ROCKING. Great looking waitresses. There was a bachelorette party too and they were hilarous, all LDS drinking diet coke but they were very funny, friendly people.

We also liked the No Name which was more of a bar scene.

Our group ranged from young to old, single to married with kids. sober to stinking drunk. All were able to have a good time.

We found that most imports were "regular" strength. Tap beer seemed to always be "low" utah strength. and the "membership" is basically nothing more than a cover charge. it's really not a big deal in PC.
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Thanks for the help folks. 3 days and counting.....
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Every one, including myslef is forgetting Mulligans, on the very north end of Mian street.
A Irish pub setting, pool tables, good drinks, decent pub fair. Lots of lovely sceinary
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In my opinion the absolute best beer in PC is at the Goldener Hirsch Inn at DV (Mid Mountain). It's called Steigl and comes in a large bottle for about $9. Outstanding flavor and aroma from Austria. If you are lucky there will be a guy playing accordian and yodeling when you are there.
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You can also get some of the best food in Park City at the Goldener Hirsch. The Chef there is one of the best. I can't afford to eat there often, However the few times I have it has been excellent.
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