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Originally Posted by tahoetr
you wanted to be a liftie, people makeing noise is just another part of the job.
sounds like your a borde liftie who hasn't had his ski break yet.
Sounds like your tired of having to rake your ramp all of the time of the excess snow
Wow, I hope English isn't your first language! Oh, I forgot! You yanks have a leader who can't pronounce nuclear.
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Originally Posted by SirMack
Get a pair of earplugs and stop your whining. OSHA would probably have you wearing plugs anyway. you are probably breaking the law. I think I'll report you.

Really. the Passive aggressive people we need to get under control are all of the skiers who claim to love winter sports, and want a free mountain, yet continue to complain about snowboarders. We've been around for 20 years now. we aren't going anywhere. get used to it. 1991 ended...in 1992!
I'm assuming you're a snowboarder from your use of the word "we," and if you're going to get ugly about it, you might want to consider making your exit of epicSKI.com. This isn't a snowboarding v. skiing issue. It's a matter of common courtesy.

I used to do a similar thing in the lift line. I'd ollie as the chair was coming up to clean my skis off. Then, one of the lifties asked me nicely not to do so in the loading area, because with spring snow being as fragile as it is in Tennessee, they didn't need the extra wear on the already thin coat in the loading area. I stopped and that was the end of the issue. If only everyone could be so courteous.
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Yes. You are correct. I am a snowboarder. Iam also a skier, a teleboarder, and Tele skier. I like sliding down hills.

I do slap my board at the load here line. That way I am sure that I don't inadvertanly slap it on someone elses equipment. I always try to ride the lift on the ouside left so my board is clear of others equipment. Many snowboarders practice similar common courtesies.

As for getting ugly about it...I don't really think I have. I do get frustrated by the attitudes of some on this forum who are either misinformed about snowboarding, or are fully closed minded towards it and still feel some sense of entitlement that the mountain is theirs as they were here first. I may have snapped a bit on this topic. that is the frustration poking through. I enjoy this forum. There are many knowledgeable people in here, and some not so knowledgable who just share the same love of the sport(s) as I do.

now for further thoughts on the topic:

we continue to identify teens as the problem. I would bet most of us have rebelled in someway at some time...be it jumping off that cliff your parents told you not to, or putting on a snowboard because you hate your skiing father...or whatever. for me it has been adopting a winter sports lifestyle after coming from a family that doesn't ski. and with most young children who are starting to branch out, the best way to encourge them to do something, is to ask them not to. The best solution in this case is not to continue to push the issue. George asked. the kids got louder. Show the kids that you have more class, and ignore it, and it will lose its allure. they will stop telling their friends to slap, because it annoys the liftie. Continue to let them see weakness and they will exploit it.

But I pontificate when I should be working...

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Originally Posted by Vailboarder
It's also to remove extra weight for the chair lift ride.

How many times have you tapped your skis together to remove the extra snow.
Never. But my kid loves to draw smileys on it with his poles !
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As the father of a 6 year old and a 15 year old, I have the pleasure of being clueless and a god all at the same time. I have raised them to respect other people and thier property. I enforce this whenever I am present. When I am not present, I have no idea. I can only assume they are following my lead. All I can do is lay the foundation and reinforce it when I can. Kids want to know their boundaries, they want to know someone cares, my favorite line with my kids is, "If I didn't care, I wouldn't say anything."

I see un-supervised groups of "kids" acting out, being loud, shoving, slapping boards, skiing to fast, to close, to out of control, every day i ski. I look at these kids and say to myself, "I was probably just like that at @sshole, when I was that age." It is their little brains adapting, all be it nervously, to social situations. When confronted (in a courteous manner), they will usually comply because a person of authority has requested them to stop. I have done this several times and most all comply.

Maybe another factor is that thier parents do not ski, or ski separately. Then the law of the jungle is invoked. Lord of the Flies. If they are not told what to do, how to act, what is courteous and what is not.. then they will continue to do as their group see fit. Then the question is, does if fall on the shoulders of the other adults to inform these “pubescent” free sprits as to what is commonly considered acceptable and what is not

I will continue to say something, not because I care about some "kid's" sliding experience, wellbeing or safety, but because I DO care about my families, sliding experience, wellbeing and safety.
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