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First Trip to Mammoth Mountain

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I'm headed to Mammoth Feb 27 to March 4. I've never been there before so any advice of what to enjoy and what to avoid would be appreciated, i.e. runs, restaurants, bars, ski shops. I ski steeps and deeps and fast groomers, but avoid jumping off cliffs.

I'm flying on Southwest Airlines to Reno then renting a Jeep Liberty for the drive south. Any problems with ski bags on Southwest? Their web site makes no special mention of skis. Just dimension limitations of a total of 62 inches. Do they measure or just eyeball?

Also, thinking about looking at new Atomic boots at Footloose Sports, if they are on sale. Any suggestions of who to use for bootfitting?

I'll be bringing my Pocket Rockets (165cm) and maybe my Atomic REX's (168 cm).


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Go to the Mammoth Mountain Forum website:

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Most anything off the tram to the top and chair 23 will get your attention. Lower on the mountain it's wide open with lots of hi speed chairs for skiing groomers. Footloose has the best reputation for bootfitting. Pick a slow time for the fitting cause it can get pretty busy. Hope the weather cooperates, have fun.
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Thanks for all the helpful info. I'm all packed up and set to head to the airport. Maybe a little fog delay in Seattle today. The web cams show sunshine at Mammoth.

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http://www.mammothsecrets.com/ It's a little dated but can give you an idea of what's been around for awhile. I can second Footloose. The Clocktower for good selection of microbrews. Feeling adventurous? Drive down to Bishop on Saturday night to the Indian casino for cheap prime rib and drop some cash, too! In Bishop, go to Meadow Farms for unbelievable mahogany-smoked jerky and meats. They close at 6:00P.
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