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While skiing this weekend I noticed too much clearance between one of my my boots and the Neox 412 toe piece mounted to Atomic M:EX skis. I happened to be at Tahoe Northstar, where I purchased the skis/bindings in Dec '04, so I took them back to the ski shop where they determined that the toe piece is broken (a metal plate visible from the side is slightly bent up, instead of making a 90 deg angle with the ski top surface) . The shop was very good about sending them back under warranty.
I'm not sure if it was due to a material defect, or flaw in the binding design, but they are very new to have already failed. Any other similar experiences with the Neox bindings?
Should I push for the '06 Neox model replacement? I have heard about the weight savings, but are there structural changes as well that may have been implemented to correct problems like I experienced?

By the way, I love the M:EXs so far in the Colorado (Aspen/Snowmass) and Tahoe mountain conditions.