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Do Ski Styles Suite Different Brands?

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Most ski brands today offer a wide variety of models for different terrain requirements. However, we often gravitate towards one brand or another.

At some point, we all get "good", and can recognize a performance ski.

Yet, we're usually drawn to one ski camp or the other, sometimes becoming die-hard adherents.

I was suprised to read a comment by another Bear, who's credentials I respect (expert), dismiss my beloved Atomic B:5's as lesser skis, compared to skis which I had demo'd and found underwhelming.

His view is obviously valid, yet had no relationship to my experience.

Do some of us have styles that favor a certain brand's design over others?
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I'll admit to wanting a pair of Lacroix because they ski great...but also because they're beautiful.

Call me superficial.

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It is all so "grey" anymore, mike the ato industry..what IS a domestic and what IS an import?

With Atomics "Beta" design, they ski so different that what I would expect a german ski to ski like (Volkl, Stockli), Dynastars used to be a very light ski, now they are one of the heaviest. Rossignol, is like a Toyota, a very good ski with no soul. Volant with the V2 design has become "lively". There is realy not a bad ski out there, its what you want and what floats your boat.
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I think that there are "stereotypes" (for lack of a better word) with certain brands for a reason. Edge grip Atomic/ Volkl, lightness Salomon etc. Right now I am looking for a hard snow gripping short turning ski and K2 isn't in the hunt because I don't feel they have the greatest grip. But there is so much varience in a companies line that you can probably find something that you like from any company.

Individual skis are getting pretty specialized now and if you are on a ski that isn't designed to do what you want then thats no good for you.
Personal views could also come into play (nothing this short (B5) can have good float etc.)
finally, tune can affect a demo's performance, making it an undesirable ski.
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differences are getting subtler

Salomons are the only large selling brand that have not radically changed their feel/flavor in the past 8 years.

smaller companies have stayed pretty unchanged too. Stockli, for example.

it surely doesn't help matters that Volkl and K2 are now the same company

Volant's buyout has changed their skis

as to personal preferences...

Atomics have always felt dull and boring to me

Volkls just want to go fast and aren't as fun slower

Stocklis are like a super-hardcore Volkl, and they don't even know "fast" from a mortal's perspective. they are the ski of the gods, and I mean that in a skier-skill sense, not a "prestige" sense.

Salomons are fun if you like a light feeling ski. Very fun.

never have skied a Dynastar

Fischer skis come close to my ideal, powerful, demanding, and very lively.

Elan skis? only have one pair, can't generalize too much, but they're quite powerful and stable with a widish sweet spot but they like to be driven.
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