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I collect lift tickets from the resorts I visit and trail maps from all the resorts, either I visited them or not.

Pedro Maia
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I used to collect the pins but gave that up when I started teaching and being "stuck" at one place all season. Now my daughter is adding pins to her collection as she gets to ski different places. What we both look for are the pins with the names of her favorite trail. Wish more areas would have pins for some of the Blue Square trails and not just the Double Black Diamonds.
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Pins here, too--one from every resort I've ever skied*. When I started skiiing it seemed the most logical way to keep track of the places I had been. I remember that I wore my "pin hat" skiing a few times but quickly decided I'd rather be a closet pin geek. When I really got into skiing and traveling, I started amassing such a large collection that I bought four fancy courdoroy hats specifically to fill up with pins and never wear. Each hat holds about 4 or 5 dozen pins. I'm into my third hat now.
There's something really cool about connecting a meaning and certain memories to every unique pin in the collection. Someday, when my life slows down a little, it will be fun to pull out the pins and all my photos, sit in a rocking chair and reminisce about all of the incredible ski experiences I've been able to enjoy. (Hopefully this will happen before I'm completely senile).
Anyway, I like to think of myself as an "experience collector." Collecting pins has been a fun way to actually connect something tangible to all of the experiences.

(*Actually, there's a note on my hat that says I'm missing Courchevel, Val Thorens, Moonlight Basin, and Dollar Mountain, and Massanutten. Guess I'll have to go back to those five places sometime before I collect that final pin at the old folk's home. )
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We had been collecting stickers and putting them on our sport tube. We have fallen behind a bit now and our sport tube had a wheel busted off on a JH trip (I can only imagine how far they had to drop the thing to break a wheel). The stickers make our sport tube easy to identify at the airport and they frequently start conversations.
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Shot glasses!!! Excelent memories when you throw a few back, look nice in the cabinet too.
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hoodies and/or sweatpants. college kids can never have too many hoodies or sweatpants.

i really like the idea of a quilt out of t-shirts though, i may have to start collecting them too!
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Originally Posted by Raprider
Blizzboy, I collect pins from the resorts. I have a nice leather cowboy hat and the pins are placed on the band around the crown. Nice conversation starter....

I'm glad you think so, it seems to be popular so far. I like the pin idea so I may have to start that as well.
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Originally Posted by daretoski
I bring home snow. Just small samples, mind you.

I keep them -- generally no more than a few ounces -- in baggies with notes on the date, area, conditions etc. The wife complained at first that there was no room left in the freezer so I bought a new one i.e. freezer, just for the snow samples.

I used to bring back a sample for every day I skied but that started to get weird so now I just bring back one sample, unless it's from a trip where I visited a number of areas, like in the Tahoe area -- now then I had quite a few because we hit a new place every day.

The only problem I have found is getting the snow back home after a flying trip, so I bought a portable cold box...I stuff it with dry ice etc etc. It's OK for most trips but coming back from New Zealand pressed its capabilities; and they sure did give me some strange looks at US Customs. (But when I tell them it's just a hobby they nod understandingly.)

Recently, I have been thinking of collecting simpler...like the patches you mention.... I am concerned about what would happen in a blackout. For a short outage we are covered; I bought a little back-up Honda generator to keep the freezer going. But what happens if we are out of juice for a week and I can't get gas? It's troubling. And sometimes a hobby just becomes so draining that you have to stop. So be careful with those patches. And the stickers might get really dicey.
Nobody else picked up on this, so I will. Welcome to the forum daretoski! With the above post as your initial offering, I can hardly wait to see your technique when you're all warmed up!

I collect debt.
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